Create a Travel Blog Using Only Your Smartphone

​Exploring the world and sharing adventures with friends, family, and followers can be the experience of a lifetime. Carrying around a heavy laptop and DSLR camera gets exhausting quickly.

Fortunately, you can create a travel blog with a single, compact device. Most of your travel content can be created, published, and shared right from your smartphone.

Capture photos and videos

Sharing quality images and videos allows readers to take a walk in your footsteps and experience the adventures you partake in. Fortunately, most smartphones come equipped with cameras that allow you to capture stunning photos and videos.

While a larger camera, like a DSLR, does have its advantages, smartphones offer the ability to edit captured images and footage. You can upload content directly to services like YouTube or Instagram, and embed it within your blog posts.

Publish content

Once you take care of the visual content of your travel blog, learn how to write and publish posts without a computer.

With the WordPress App (available for iOS and Android devices), you can manage or self-hosted WordPress websites right from your phone. This handy app lets you create and edit posts and pages, add tags, upload photos, designate featured images, read and reply to comments, and even view your site stats.

When writing your new post, consider changing the settings on your phone so you can input text by swiping (instead of manually typing). This method makes travel blogging that much faster and convenient.

Share your posts

After you publish posts, share them with the world to inspire others. In fact, SocialMediaToday reports that 53 percent of travelers find their holiday inspiration on Facebook, which is all the more reason to share your adventures.

On top of managing your site and publishing posts on the go, the WordPress mobile app lets you distribute content across some of the web’s leading social platforms.

WordPress App social menu

With the WordPress App and a smartphone, you can create a travel blog that positions you to share adventures with followers, without sacrificing the part you love the most — traveling!


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