Create a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website

With an increasing number of people choosing to visit websites, read content, and make purchases from the convenience of their phones, it’s necessary to have a site that looks and responds well on mobile devices in addition to desktops. This means that having a mobile-friendly WordPress website is an essential part of providing site visitors with positive experiences.

What does having a mobile-friendly WordPress website mean?

Mobile-friendly (also referred to as “responsive“) websites reformat content, images, and menus to display correctly across any device screen. This prevents visitors from needing to scroll back and forth or zoom in and out to find what they’re looking for.

Is your site mobile-friendly?

Here are two ways to test whether your website displays properly across mobile devices.

1. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool provides a mobile preview of your website, alerts you of any page-loading issues, and tells you if a website is ready for mobile visitors. All you have to do is enter your URL.

2. Manually checking your website

Viewing your website from a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet) will reveal how your visitors view and navigate your content. If your content is not adjusting correctly, or portions of your menus, blog posts, or images are cut off, then your website is not mobile-friendly.

Make your website mobile-friendly

If your website doesn’t display correctly across mobile devices, try the following three solutions.

1. Design your website using a responsive theme offers many responsive themes designed to meet the needs of small businesses or blogs. Their layouts adjust to make for user-friendly experiences on any device.

2. Install a plugin

If you’re a Pro plan user, then you have the option to install plugins that further customize your website’s appearance of mobile devices. WPTouch and WordPress Mobile Pack are two popular plugins that offer free and paid versions.

According to Google, it only takes three seconds for the majority of mobile visitors to abandon a website that doesn’t load quickly. Give those three seconds back to your visitors and continue to grow your website by making it mobile friendly.


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