7 Creative Tactics to Generate Leads on Your Website

If you want to connect with your audience and spark engagement, there are some creative ways you can do so without making your calls to action (CTAs) too pushy. These tactics respectfully encourage them to take action without overwhelming them with information or otherwise coming across as bothersome. Keep reading for seven great ideas for CTAs that generate leads, not annoyance.

1. Add lead forms to videos

Video content is a great way to engage your audience. Still, traditional video embeds are one-way traffic: video content streams to your visitors’ browsers, but nothing comes back to you.

Tools like Wistia and Vidyard change that, letting you add CTAs or lead generation forms to the pre-roll or post-roll of your videos. Unlike traditional video ads, you’ll have full control, which means you can implement your content in a way that reflects and respects your visitors.

2. Create a helpful tool in your niche

One proven method to encourage your audience to offer their information is to provide something of value. Creating a tool that helps people accomplish something relevant to your niche is a great way to do this.

For example, Moz offers a free search engine optimization browser toolbar that more than 500,000 people use. The only catch? People have to sign up to use it.

Could you offer a calculator? A content generator? A template?

Get creative and you can come up with an awesome, helpful tool.

3. Launch a newsletter

A big part of generating leads is getting those coveted email addresses from your audience. So, what if you made people excited to hand over their email addresses by offering a curated newsletter?

For example, Bloomberg offers a free newsletter to connect with its audience by sharing the latest tech news.

4. Quiz your audience

Quizzes are a fun, simple way to engage your audience and learn more about them.

Visitors enjoy filling out quizzes, so this one feels more like an interesting activity than a boring lead generation form.

Depending on your niche, you can either go with a casual, personality-style quiz (think Buzzfeed) or a more serious quiz that helps respondents make a business decision.

5. Add feedback forms to your website

Most attempts to generate leads focus on reaching out to your audience, but you can also flip the script and add feedback forms to help your audience get in touch with you. These could be open-ended questions or specific surveys, like the Net Promoter Score.

By empowering your audience to provide their thoughts, you open the door to form a connection without having to rely on pushy sales tactics.

6. Create your own Facebook community

If you want to connect with your audience, your website isn’t the only good place to do it.

Creating a public or private Facebook community around your website or niche gives you a chance to connect where people spend most of their digital time — on social media.

7. Interact in relevant third-party communities

Beyond creating your own community, you can also interact in third-party communities that exist around your website’s niche.

The key to success here is to be respectful. If you go in with the goal of being genuinely helpful, you can generate leads for your website without making people feel like you’re only there for promotion.

Get started now

By implementing the tactics in this post, you can start generating more leads without resorting to overly salesy tactics.

Try one or more of these ideas now and you’ll be happily connecting with your audience in no time.


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