4 Reasons to Rebrand Your Business

There are a number of marketing strategies for small-business owners to consider as their company grows. The idea of rebranding may evoke fears of a deeply involved and expensive project, but it can be a relatively simple and beneficial process. Here are a few reasons to rebrand your business, and how to make it work.

Why rebrand?

1. Stand out

Your brand is the face and voice of your business. A unique look clarifies your product, differentiates your business from competitors, and can result in better web traffic, increased interest, and a stronger reputation.

Consider these questions:

  • Is your website domain name original?
  • Is your market crowded by similar messaging?
  • Does your product simply need a facelift?

2. Changing needs

Perhaps your brand messaging and design was great for a small business but is no longer relevant as you’ve grown. Consider internationalization as a part of your adaptation. Not only is it beneficial to expand with a more diverse audience in mind, but tapping into a new demographic could mean greater revenue.

3. Changing mission

Whether it’s a shifting reputation, new management, or honing in on a more specific area, there is an ebb and flow to your business. Realignment to reflect your revised mission helps clarify your values.

4. New product launch

Among the many reasons to rebrand, outshining competitors and engaging your audience is paramount. Rolling out a new look highlights new ideas or offerings.

Entrepreneur stresses that when you launch a new product or service under your brand umbrella, you should take it as an opportunity to redirect your existing focus and build upon it.

Getting started

It’s important that your website reflects your new branding. Here’s how to get your website up to date with the new look and feel:

  • Design: You can easily modify the look and feel of your WordPress.com website. For example, use your new logo on the home page, and be sure to restructure the rest of your site as necessary to reflect the update. Rebranding can be as simple as changing your WordPress.com theme.

  • Content: Consistent content creation is an excellent way to not only build an audience, but to improve engagement, too.

  • Optimization: Optimizing your website ensures your target audience is getting the message. Site Stats will help you see what’s working and where to improve effectiveness.

Your rebrand doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. With a few tools, you can start the process to showcase your business with clarity and confidence.

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