10 Small-Business Instagram Tips to Increase Engagement

If you want to rapidly expand your audience, connect directly with buyers, and drive more traffic to your WordPress.com website, establishing a presence on Instagram is an excellent place to start.


More than one-third of all adult internet users in the U.S. use Instagram, according to data from Pew Research. And as of June 2018, Instagram has amassed more than 1 billion monthly active users, according to data shared by Business Insider.


To begin tapping into this massive opportunity, consider these 10 small-business Instagram tips.


Tips to optimize your Instagram business profile


After you’ve set up an Instagram profile for your business, you’ll need to optimize your profile so users can find and engage with your account. Here are a few tips to captivate your audience and help your profile stand out:


  • Select a memorable photo. Add a high-quality, relevant profile image, like a headshot or logo.
  • Choose a simple and recognizable name. In addition to your username you’ll want to set a business name, which will display in bold at the top of your profile.
  • Write a concise and informative bio. This should answer the question, “What does your business do?” and finish with a call to action (CTA) like “Shop Now” or “Subscribe Today.”
  • Include a website link. Be sure to add a link to your WordPress.com site. Because you can’t hyperlink within image captions, you may also choose to edit this link when running special promotions or when you publish a new blog post.

Tips to grow your following


The larger your following, the greater the number of people who will see your content. Higher follower counts can also help increase your credibility.


Here’s how to organically grow your Instagram audience:


  • Frequently publish high-quality images. Be sure to post well-composed, aesthetically appealing photos at a regular cadence. Strive to publish at least twice per week.
  • Stay on-brand. Everything shared by your Instagram account should echo the brand identity you display on your website. Try for aesthetic consistency by using the same filter for each photo and the same brand voice you use on your site.
  • Use appropriate hashtags. At the end of each caption, be sure to include popular and relevant hashtags to help users more easily find your content. As you begin typing a hashtag in your caption field, a drop-down menu will appear that displays how many other posts include the same hashtag.

Tips to drive traffic to your website


If you’re looking to drive more users to your site, make sure to follow these small-business Instagram tips:


  • Write compelling captions. Though Instagram is a highly visual application, your copy also plays a role in transforming profile views into website traffic. Your captions should be insightful and well-written, and they should include a clear CTA, such as, “Read more on the blog!” or “See link in bio!”
  • Leverage Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories offer small businesses an opportunity to share timely updates, promotions, and a behind-the-scenes look at your company. This feature is another great place to include additional CTAs. Once you’ve reached 10,000 followers, you’ll gain access to the “Swipe Up” feature where you can link users to any page on your website.
  • Use Instagram posts as a sneak peek. Instagram can help you give potential customers a small taste of the value they’ll discover on your website. For example, if you run an e-commerce store, you might highlight a few best-selling products through your posts and Instagram Stories, and then guide followers to view your full inventory on your website.

There’s no denying Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms for expanding your audience and earning more traffic. With these small-business Instagram tips and a bit of effort, you can start growing your following and driving more people to your site today.


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