Four Photoshop Tips for Beginners

If you’re regularly posting images to your website, photoblog, or social media accounts, it might be time to upgrade from free photo-editing tools to Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop takes some getting used to, but it’s worth learning for its range of features and enhancements.

Read these four Photoshop tips to help you learn how to begin using it, and to keep your site looking professional.

1. Memorize the toolbar

The Photoshop toolbar is so extensive that it doesn’t fit on one screen. Take the time to explore each tool’s purpose. Don’t forget that clicking the triangle in the lower, right-hand corner of a tool button will reveal even more options.

Once you have an idea of what everything does and which tools will be the most helpful, go to Edit > Toolbar to arrange your tools according to use.

2. Love your layers

One of the most important Photoshop tips is to use layers. Every time you add a new element to your image, you can create a layer. Each layer can be edited individually, which helps when playing around with text placement.

Once you master the layering basics, try playing around with the opacity, fill, and color of individual layers.

3. Enhance your colors

Taking your own photographs? When choosing images for your website, using Photoshop’s Vibrance and Saturation settings can help you achieve a more professional look.

Vibrance increases the saturation of colors, while Saturation affects the fullness of your image as a whole. Both color enhancement options can be found by going to Enhance > Adjust color.

4. Save in different formats

Before posting an image to your website or social media pages, lower its resolution to help speed up page loading times. By choosing File > Save For Web, you can create a version of your image ready for use online.

Using these Photoshop tips and tricks for beginners can help you create images that represent your business in a professional way, without having to hire outside help.

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