Five Design Blogs Worth Following

As a creator, you probably get your inspiration from everyday life. But, it’s also important to stay on top of industry trends to glean insights from the work of other professionals in your field. Checking design blogs regularly can help reignite your creative fire.

Exposing yourself to different design websites will help you to improve your own work. Bookmark these five design blogs to stay informed and inspired.

The Dieline

The user-friendly blog for The Dieline highlights the importance of packaging design for branding purposes. Regular features include Design News and Trends, Tips and Tricks, and Essential Design Resources.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform created for and by independent creatives around the world. This frequently updated design blog focuses on “mousemade design” and includes great how-tos for things like designing your own Snapchat filter or using different Photoshop features.

Art of the Menu

Art of the Menu, a division of UnderConsideration, features restaurant menu designs from around the world. The blog is largely visual, with brief descriptions of unique design elements. Best viewed after meals, this blog will make you hungry!

Logo Design Love

According to Entrepreneur, the majority of small businesses miss opportunities to define their brands by failing to create well-designed logos. Visit Logo Design Love to learn about the origins of famous logos, breakdowns of why certain logos succeed, and tips for improving your own logo design.

Grain Edit

Grain Edit focuses on designs from the 1950s-1970s, as well as modern-day designers inspired by that time period. One of the most unique series, Designer’s Bookshelf, shares images of the books that design professionals surround themselves with, and stories of how they use them to find inspiration.

Ready to incorporate inspiration into your site? Check out these tips from a web designer on widgets, themes, and essential tools to help make it happen. You may also want to explore how to further customize the design of your site using a CSS editor. Happy creating!

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