The Seven Best WordPress Helpdesk Plugins for Customer Support

If you worked hard to build the foundation of your business (including content, products, and services), you might consider using a WordPress helpdesk plugin. If your marketing efforts are the scaffolding that allows your customer base to build, then the quality of your customer support might serve as the toolbox that maintains this structure, or the wrecking ball that tears it all down.

Save yourself from experiencing the latter option with these seven great WordPress helpdesk plugins.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk supports teams, multiple products, and documents. You can convert blog comments into Zendesk tickets, manage support tickets directly from your dashboard, and access it through email, social media, and chats without needing to switch accounts.

2. WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is one of the most popular WordPress chat plugins, as no third-party connection is required, and the free version comes with a list of live chat options.

3. WP Support Plus Response Ticket System

WP Support Plus Response Ticket System is a free plugin that makes helpdesk functionality simple and quick. It enables users to submit categorized support requests and allows you to designate status and priority items, as well as monitor support agents. It’s also available in more than 10 languages.

4. WPHelpDesk Integration

WPHelpDesk Integration is a paid plugin that allows for an unlimited number of agents. It also includes email notifications and document uploads (such as screen captures). You can even customize it by designing and embedding a support form in Posts, Pages, or Widgets.

5. Key4ce osTicket Bridge

Key4ce osTicket Bridge has a nice interface both on the user and administrator sides. It also allows website owners to designate the role of general supervisor as well as support agent, and empowers users to report a completed request.

6. Awesome Support

Like a few of the options above, Awesome Support’s free version includes a ticket system, email notifications, and file attachments. Power users can discover additional features with the paid premium option.

7. bbPress

Not quite a helpdesk plugin, bbPress enables customer support through forums, which allows you to manage requests from a single platform and make answers and solutions public. This may save you time in the long run.

Some of the above recommendations come from third-party hosts, so if you want to integrate them into your site, make sure that you’re using a Pro plan.


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