Your About Me Page — Not Just an Autobiography

Your “About Me” page is the story of you and your business or blog in a neat little nutshell. But where do you start? What do you include — or leave out? And how do you wrap it up? Let’s look at ways to build a compelling story to best promote your business or blog, and make a strong first impression without going overboard.

Easy does it

It’s tempting to use your “About Me” page to write an autobiography, but that’s not what it’s meant for. Rather than starting with the hour you were born, you might begin with what sparked your passion for the business or topic your website revolves around. Then add a few supporting details:

  • Why are you a good fit for this venue? Mention a related degree, trade, or life experience or two for credibility.
  • When did you start doing what you do? Let people know that your love of baking started in middle school, long before you perfected the perfect cupcake recipe and opened your brick-and-mortar store.
  • How can you help your supporters? Give an example of how someone benefited from your business.
  • Brag a little, but don’t overdo it. Narcissism is a no-no.
  • Read what you’ve written aloud. Does it sound like you? If not, adjust the voice.

Most importantly, be personable and have fun while visualizing who you’re “talking” to. When you know your audience — young fashionistas, harried moms or dads, or other prospective supporters — you can set your tone accordingly and write in the way you’d speak to them in person.

One to three paragraphs are enough (no more than five), and limit each to just three or four tight sentences; a visually digestible page is a reader-friendly page. Before you hit Submit, read and reread (and reread) your page, removing any fluff (extra language that doesn’t add any valuable information to your piece) as you go.

Find your brand voice

Think of brand voice as a business’ “flavor.” If your website touts everything “cake” — baking, decorating, plating, displaying — opt for a cheery personal story. Sprinkle it with light humor and add a little sweetness, all wafting from a clean, contemporary theme.

If you’re into antiques, you might opt for a nostalgic slant by including a story of how you came across your favorite find. The Melody theme makes images of your vintage wares (and your “About Me” page) look amazing across every device, even in sepia.

If you run an outdoor-oriented business, you could rev up your page with a compact version of your greatest woodland adventure, sharing your excitement about the outdoors with your readers. The Natural theme offers nature lovers a smart mix of soulful atmosphere and professional design.

The idea is to keep your audience tuned in or engaged by adding the right “seasoning” to a smartly fitting theme. Be consistent with your tone: don’t wander into unfamiliar territory or onto offbeat topics. Stay on point and remember to update your personal section (and all other static pages) as needed.

Picture this

What’s an “About Me” page without an avatar or photograph of the person behind the business’ website or blog? Well, it’s a bit impersonal, that’s for sure. By including a picture of yourself, you humanize your site and make users feel more at home — as if they’re joining you for coffee or lounging with you on a sandy shore (hint for photo ops!).

With your brand in mind, set up a photo shoot in your element — in the kitchen, in a car, with your partner or pet, or under a beach umbrella. Options are always good: have a variety of poses and head shots taken by a professional photographer or a friend who has a sharp eye for detail.

Finish with a CTA

A call-to-action (CTA) link tells visitors where they should go next. Below (or even above) your “About Me” page, you might offer a “Newsletter” button to encourage return visits, or a “What’s New” link that whisks supporters off to view your latest products, seasonal goods, or blog posts.

Ultimately, your page should neatly present the story of you and your business or blog to everyone who wants the scoop (with a CTA ready to guide the tour around your website).

So go ahead and show off your handiwork from your pages to your latest blog posts and even a map that pinpoints your retail location with a click of the mouse.


Lorna Hordos

Lorna Hordos is a home-flipping business owner and freelance writer.

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