WordPress.com Mobile Updates: How to Update Your Site on the Go

It’s common knowledge that a mobile-friendly website is a must-have. Giants like Google emphasize the importance of a mobile-friendly design for retaining visitors and improving SEO. But what can you do to create a site that’s just as mobile-friendly for you, a website owner who needs to make updates on the fly?

Sometimes you just can’t wait until you’re back at your desk to update your site. Whether you need to publish a breaking blog post or correct an error, WordPress.com mobile updates are a lifesaver for website owners on the go.

Download the app now, thank yourself later

Before you run into a website emergency, download the WordPress.com app for iOS or Android. That way, you’ll have the app at your fingertips the next time you need to make an update from your phone.

Publishing power in your pocket

The WordPress.com app’s features empower site owners to make several WordPress.com mobile updates, including:

  • Creating new pages and posts
  • Editing existing pages and posts
  • Managing comments
  • Reviewing your site stats, including visitors and views
  • Updating media files
  • Changing your theme or tweaking your current theme’s settings
  • Catching up on your favorite sites and blogs, and leaving likes and comments

When to make updates on desktop

Even with all the publishing power the app provides, some site updates are best made from your desktop computer.

If you need to install, update, or remove a plugin, you should do so from your computer. You may also find that extensive copyediting or manipulating large chunks of text is a little easier to manage on a larger screen than a small mobile device, but it comes down to your preference.

With the help of the WordPress.com mobile app, you can make your website as mobile-friendly for you as it is for your visitors.


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