Use the WordPress Short URL Tool to Easily Share Content

Your URL is displayed to site visitors on search engine results pages. Google uses it to index and rank your content, so creating descriptive titles for your posts and pages is important. However, this can lead to especially long URLs that are difficult to share.

Search engine optimization and social media sharing seem to be at odds here — unless you use the WordPress short URL tool.

What are short URLs?

URL shortening is a technique where the address of your web page or blog post is replaced by a shorter one, but still directs a prospective visitor to the desired content. This is made possible by using something called a server-side redirect, which points the short URL to the actual page or post on your website.

Short URLs are offered by a number of third-party services, but has its own custom URL shortener that creates URLs beginning with “” Shortlink

Why are short URLs useful?

Shorter URLs are more visually appealing and can be easier to share on social media pages. Take a look at the links below. Which one of these do you think is easier for someone to share?


Long URLs can make sharing links a chore, especially if you have a limited number of characters that you can use (like when you’re sharing on Twitter). Short URLs are a great way to share that same content, but in a much more concise fashion.

How to use’s built-in URL shortener

Shortlinks, the short URL feature, comes with all plans and automatically creates a “” shortlink for your new content. Within the post editor, you can access those shortlinks from the Post Settings sidebar, under the Sharing settings. If the Post Settings sidebar is not visible, click the gear icon located to the right of the edit screen.

Now that you know where to find your content’s shortlinks, go forth and share them with the world.


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