Use the Patreon Plugin to Centralize Your Creative Brand

If you’re an artist or creator, consider monetizing your talents by appealing directly to fans using tools like the Patreon plugin with your WordPress site.

Whether you’re a new artist just breaking into the scene, or an established creative attempting to turn a talent into a full-fledged business, Patreon is a platform worth familiarizing yourself with.

Set your price and rewards

Jack Conte, CEO and co-founder of, describes the tool as “a membership platform that makes it really easy for creators to get paid.”

Patreon uses the age-old idea of patrons to support 21st-century creators. This includes artists, writers, videographers, musicians, and everyone in between.

Historically, “patrons” were those who paid artists monthly or annual installments that allowed them to focus on creating over making money. Monet, Renoir, and Shakespeare were just a few of the greatest creators in history who benefited from patron contributions.

Patreon works in a similar way: anyone can contribute a small monthly fee to support a creator of their choosing. In return, each patron receives a gift that corresponds to a rewards tier set by the beneficiary.

If you write children’s books, you might create a “gold tier” for your $50 per month Patreon patrons who support your writing. In exchange for their financial contributions, you promise to name one of your story’s characters after them, or include them in the credits section of your book sleeve.

With Patreon, you have the ability to set unique rewards tiers that suit your particular needs as a creator.

Patreon works with your website

Whether you’re exploring ways to increase your creative business’s revenue, or are monetizing content for the first time, having a website is vital. Consider a website to be your centralized hub for educating visitors about who you are, showcasing your creations, and linking to your other platforms and social media accounts (Patreon, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook).

Visitors, patrons, fans, and revenue can all flow into this centralize hub. For instance, someone might stumble upon your art on Instagram, navigate to your website, fall in love with your work, and click through to your Patreon page to support you.

As successful Patreon user Missildine Online! reports in his How to Setup A Successful Patreon video, “While Patreon does have a really great search function, I really don’t think the majority of your new patrons are going to come from [Patreon] itself. Instead, they’ll come from the traffic that you kick up on your platform, where they already know you.”

In short, Patreon can be an effective tool, but it’s not a website replacement. It shouldn’t be the only platform that you use.

Your website grows alongside your brand

The last thing you want is to pay a lot of money to build a website, or switch web platforms because the one you started with can’t keep up with your growth.

This is one of the many reasons why is an excellent website platform for creators. Start with a free site to get started and to figure out what features you really need, then grow and upgrade to the Business plan, which allows the use of plugins and, ultimately, eCommerce integration and Patreon configuration.

Let our experts build your custom website.

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