Third-Party Plugins on Tools to Enhance Your Website

Have you heard the news? As of earlier this year, if you have a Pro plan with, you can add third-party WordPress plugins to your website.

This is a major development for small business owners and bloggers alike. While you’ve always been able to customize your website with, you couldn’t access a vast library of third-party plugins. Now that offers the ability to add third-party plugins to your site, you can create a website that meets even more of your business’s needs.

So, what are WordPress plugins, and how do they enhance your site and bolster your brand?

Plugins 101

Plugins are pieces of software that give your site additional functionality and allow for more customization (even if you don’t know a lick of coding). For example, if you want to sell products or services directly on your website, there are special plugins that allow you to create a virtual storefront.

If you’re a small business coach and you offer a membership program where visitors can download worksheets and courses, there are plugins that allow you to dedicate and build out a section of your website for this very purpose.

Perhaps you want to add an extra layer of security to your website. There are several well-known WordPress plugins that make your site even more secure. offers the speed of innovation, flexibility, and customization of open-source plugins. There is an enormous community of developers who create plugins specifically to enhance your websites, and those who pay for Pro plans now have thousands of plugins at their fingertips.

Plug it in

Having access to a vast library of plugins can seem a bit overwhelming, so let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones that you might want to consider adding to your website.

Popular plugins include those that are optimized for small business owners, such as WooCommerce, a powerful eCommerce platform built especially for WordPress users. It includes the capability to sell both digital and physical products. Whether you are selling digital or physical versions of your cookbook, 101 Finger-Licking Pumpkin Desserts, you can use WooCommerce to get the job done.

Want to up your SEO game? Yoast SEO is probably the best-known plugin for helping site owners achieve SEO greatness. Yoast will ensure that your artisanal chocolate truffles secure a prime location among Google search results.

If you want to collect potential shoppers’ email addresses for your weekly newsletter, the Popups by OptinMonster plugin allows you to create beautiful popup forms to share with visitors and collect their contact information. You’ll be able to integrate this information with an email service provider, such as MailChimp or ConstantContact, to consolidate your list of email addresses.

You know that a landing page is an important tool for growing your business, as it’s the first page that site visitors see when navigating to your site. It can be tricky to put one together if you don’t have experience with coding or a theme with a built-in landing page. With its drag-and-drop capabilities, the plugin Beaver Builder can empower you to create professional landing pages that attract fans and encourage them to come back for more visits.

Once you explore the plugin library, you can begin adding plugins to your site. Soon you’ll be on your way to creating an even more powerful website that meets all of your business needs.


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