Start Blogging to Boost Your Site’s Performance in 5 Steps

According to HubSpot, maintaining a blog increases your chances of ranking favorably in search engine results by 434 percent. This is a huge advantage, especially if you’re a business owner with limited resources.

It’s apparent that you should start blogging because of this competitive advantage; so, move forward by addressing how you can get the ball rolling. Here are five steps to launch your blog, improve your search engine rankings, and humanize your brand.

1. Create it

You can get started with a website in a handful of steps.

After you create an account, designate a page to host your blog’s content. To do this, navigate to My Site, then Site Pages, and click the Add button. Give the page a name and Publish it.

Next, go to Customize, then Homepage Settings in order to configure your blog’s feed. Set your homepage to display A static page, and then designate which page you’d like it to be. Under the Posts page option, select the page you created earlier and hit Publish.

Homepage Settings

Finally, add your blog page to your main navigation menu. You can do this by going to Customize and then Menus.

Updating your menu

2. Plan it

The primary reason to have a blog is to drive traffic to your site and convert readers into shoppers or clients. This translates into posting about everything related to your business or industry, including new product launches, ways your customers use your services, success stories, and everything in between.

3. Schedule it

Great content isn’t just useful, it’s also published regularly. Create an editorial calendar to schedule your blog posts in advance to ensure that your content remains fresh, consistent, and relevant to your readers.

If you’re just starting out, a good rule of thumb is to aim for two new pieces of content every month, roughly two weeks apart.

4. Write it

If writing doesn’t come naturally, start small by writing a single paragraph or just a few sentences every day. The goal is to get you in the habit of writing frequently. The more that you practice, the easier the words will flow, and the more efficiently you’ll be able to write posts in the future.

5. Share it

Once you create your first pieces of content, share them with the world. The Publicize tool allows you to connect a blog directly to your various social media accounts, so that your posts are shared with followers as soon as you hit “publish.”

A blog can humanize your brand

Content and blogging are important marketing tactics for any business. Once you start blogging, your brand will become more accessible. This can ultimately build loyalty and separate you from any competitors.

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