Start a Paid Subscription Blog to Monetize Your Content

According to WIRED, display ads are becoming less and less effective, driving publishers and content creators to find new ways to subsidize their offerings.

There are many ways to monetize your website. Using any paid plan, you have helpful options for selling your premium content. A subscription blog is especially unique, as it lets you keep your site ad-free, and also suggests that your articles are worth paying for.

Providing quality content

To succeed with a paid subscription blog, you must provide top-notch content that readers value more than the amount you’re selling it for. It also helps to have an established readership to market your subscription service.

Once you amass a following and are creating high-quality content that’s specific to your niche, you can offer premium blog posts in a subscribers-only area of your site for a monthly fee. You can also expand your subscription-based content to include eBooks, webinars, educational courses, or podcasts.

Ultimately, your premium content options will depend on your goals, your audience’s interests, and your unique branding considerations.

With, the Payments feature is a block you use to collect regular payments from subscribers. Then, you can use the Premium Content block to restrict access to that material, giving subscribers exclusive access.

Structuring your subscription blog

The structure of your membership will vary according to your content offerings. The most basic membership sites offer a single pricing tier. More complex subscription websites have multiple membership tiers that vary in price and level of content access.

How should you structure a blog subscription? Consider publishing both free and premium content. From here, you can make your brand accessible to new audiences while using your free blog posts to promote your paid content.

Marketing your blog

An effective way to market your subscription blog is offering high-quality, free content that helps grow your readership in the first place. Then, promote that free content across your various online channels, including social media platforms. When new readers discover your free blog posts, some will eventually want to check out your premium content as well.

If you have a few devoted readers who aren’t able to pay your subscription fee, consider giving them access to your premium content for free. They might become some of your most vocal advocates, proving to be instrumental in spreading the word about your content.

Social sharing buttons, which you can quickly add to the end of posts and pages with the WordPress block editor, encourage your audience to tell their friends about what you’ve made. Plus, the Publicize feature automatically posts your latest blog posts to your own social channels.

Pricing and payments

When you set up monthly subscriptions, consider how much you want to charge subscribers. Factor in the time it takes to create your content. Then, figure out what your competitors are charging and what your audience members can afford. Make sure that your pricing structure is informed by this information.

If you don’t have enough material for a membership site, or you aren’t able to keep up with continuous content creation for members, you can also use the online Payments feature to sell individual digital and physical products.

Payments securely processes credit or debit purchases through a Stripe integration. You can also use Payments on to provide refunds and monitor your earnings. Plus, your subscribers will get email receipts and can cancel their membership if desired.

Take care of your audience

Creating useful or entertaining content takes time and resources. If you’re consistent, you’ll continue to grow and attract a loyal following. Once you do, they’ll be more likely to pay for premium content.

Whether you’re beginning to monetize your content offerings, or are just assessing the potential of building a blog, has the tools and flexibility needed to help you meet your goals.

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