Should You Start a Blog or Website?

With a blog, you can create posts to share your experiences, chronicle a journey, or express yourself in a new way. Create a website to promote your business or display a portfolio (and your site may still include its own blog if you want). With, both options are at your fingertips.


Who needs a blog or website?

Just about everyone can benefit from having a blog or website. Consider starting one if you:

  • Have something to share: Whether it’s your wedding album, travel journal, or diary, having a website lets you share a journey with friends, family, and followers. Create a blog to document your experiences or a gallery to showcase your pictures.
  • Need a place to show off your creativity: When it comes time to express yourself, publish work, or market your services, writers, designers, and other creative types will appreciate the flexibility that only a website can offer.
  • Own a local business: People turn to the internet to look up local businesses, and a website can help customers find yours. Even if you have no intentions of selling goods online, your website can make your business appear professional, putting you ahead of the competition.
  • Want to sell goods online: If you have an idea for an eCommerce website, then a storefront can help you sell physical and digital products.

Tools to help you get started offers tons of features that will turn your vision into a fully functional, beautiful website. Here are a few of the basics to get your blog or website off the ground.


With hundreds of free and premium themes available to users, there’s sure to be one to suit your design preferences and site needs — whether you’re a freelance writer, musician, web developer, or anything in between.

Custom content types

In addition to supporting blog posts and web pages, on you can also use custom content types that help you appeal to potential clients by proudly displaying your online portfolio and customer testimonials.


With a Business plan, you can add plugins that position your blog or website to grow alongside your brand. A few of the most popular plugins include:

  • Instagram Feed, which provides several options for displaying photos from any public Instagram account.
  • WooCommerce, which helps you run an online store and process payments.
  • Yoast SEO, which helps you optimize content for search engines.

Once you understand why you might want to start a blog or website, learn how to create one from scratch using

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Whether you’re looking to promote your business or share your story, we have a plan that’s right for you.

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