Setting Your Podcast Marketing Strategy: Three Key Steps

When you start a podcast, you (most likely) aren’t doing it to just hear yourself talk, sending useless sound waves out into the void of iTunes.

You do it because you have something to say and you want to reach a bigger audience. And while you can focus your podcast’s content on whatever your heart desires, you’ll need a basic, three-part podcast marketing strategy to have a real impact on your audience.

1. Define your digital strategy and business goals

Think for a minute about how your podcast plays a role in your overall digital marketing strategy and your business goals. Do you want to gain new leads? To nurture existing leads? To upsell existing customers?

Spend some time answering those questions. Then, write down a one-sentence description of the audience you want to reach, and the action you want them to take based on your podcast episodes. This sets the foundation for who you’ll market to and what you’ll do to reach them.

2. Direct your marketing at the right people

Now that you know the basic strategy and goals behind your podcast, you need to know how you’re going to reach people with it. Just saying that “this podcast is for X” in your iTunes description isn’t enough.

You know who these people are — where do they already go online? Find out where you can most easily reach them.

If you’re using your podcast to market to people who would be brand-new leads for your business, think of ways you can run ads or get yourself featured as a guest on other podcasts they’re listening to.

If you’re using your podcast to market to people who are already on your radar — whether they’re on your email list and just haven’t bought yet, or they’re existing customers that you want to keep or upsell to a new level of products or services — you can use an email campaign to launch your podcast and get your first listeners.

For example, if you sell web-design tools and want to use your podcast to reach developers who are already using your basic tool in some way, you can send them a series of emails letting them know about your new podcast and what your new episodes discuss.

3. Audit your podcast analytics

Having a podcast marketing plan to get your podcast going is one thing, but you also need to have a plan to keep it growing.

One of the easiest ways to build growth into your podcast marketing plan is to audit your podcast analytics every few weeks (or months, depending on the cadence of your episodes). Look at things like…

  • Where is your podcast traffic coming from?
  • How many unique downloads are you getting?
  • How many repeat downloads are you getting?
  • What percentage of your listeners go to the web pages you or your sponsors mention during the episode?
  • What demographic is most engaged with your content?
  • What kind of comments, ratings, and questions are you getting?

Using this information, you can capitalize on strategies that work well to increase your traffic, download rates, and engagement and avoid things that make your numbers take a nosedive.

Why a podcast marketing strategy goes a long way

Creating and following a podcast marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult — but if you don’t have one at all, your podcast may get ignored.

And besides, the recording, editing, and production of just one episode is too much work to let it simply go to waste. When you have a plan you can easily stick to, growing your podcast becomes a more fun, predictable business activity on the path to success.


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