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When you want to promote your blog (and, by extension, your business), I bet you can relate to something I’ve been thinking about. Scrawled at the top of my current list of goals is a word I’m pretty sure any small-business owner fights to keep top of mind: leverage. In other words, how can I use the things I already have for maximum advantage?

One of the greatest benefits of blogging for your business is the immediate opportunity to leverage your posts by sharing them across social media channels. Doing this can help skyrocket the number of folks reading your content. Here, I want to give you two ways you can promote your blog by sharing published posts on social media, and — more importantly — explain how you can let’s Publicize tool do the heavy lifting for you.

Publish and share

Marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk calls social media a slang term for what the Internet has become — in other words, social media is simply a way of describing how we now function online. But how can you tap into this? Well, after you draft a post for your blog, you’ll want to share it on the social media channels where your audience is most likely to see it. Make sure to edit the social media post to fit the platform you’re posting to — a tweet will be on the shorter side, for instance, while a post to Facebook will give you a little more space to expand.

And speaking of different platforms, which should you use to promote your website? Facebook and Twitter are the perfect spots to announce your boutique’s big weekend sale. And Instagram was practically made to show off that new menu item. Do some research or ask around to see where else your supporters tend to hang out. If your business helps folks put on big events like weddings and family reunions, you might want to check out Eventbrite. But if you’re a local grocery store looking to share photos and recipes, you might want to consider Tumblr.

You can also remove a few steps here by connecting your account to your social media networks. When you’re signed in to your account, simply go to My Sites and then Sharing. This lets you connect to the available platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path. Then, just click Connect and follow the prompts. When you return to your blog, you’ll see the Publicize section, where you can draft and publish each post — your posts will then auto-publish to the platforms you select.

Older content still counts

Your time as a business owner (and blogger) is precious — so as time passes, what about all that great, helpful content you wrote in the past? ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse recommends going through one old post for each new post you write, cleaning it up for accuracy and relevance, and then reposting it. This idea was a game-changer for me when I started digging back into my archives: why not repurpose older content?

Share your content again with Publicize (this feature is only available to Premium and Business users) — it’s a great way to give old content new life. Cut out some steps in your workflow by heading to My Sites, then to your existing content under Blog Posts. From there you can choose a post that you’d like to clean up and repost on social media. Find the Share button underneath the post and select the connected sites where you’d like to reshare it. Then — ta-da! Once you get enough good stuff on your blog, you might as well leverage it to make sure everyone gets to see the best you have to offer. That post about holiday recipes that was super popular two years back? There’s a good chance it could become just as popular again.

A tool like Publicize is integral in determining how you’ll promote your blog. Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can leverage the good things you’ve already got going, drawing even more people to your blog — and, eventually, to your business.

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