Kickstart Your Food Blog with WordPress Recipe Plugins

Aspiring chefs and indecisive eaters alike commonly turn to the internet for recipes and inspiration. You may be among them, or perhaps you want to share your passion for food and cooking by creating a website.

Before you jot down your favorite recipes and upload photos of your creations, assess your website to ensure that your visitors will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Here are some ideas for the pages you might want to add to your website, as well as for WordPress recipe plugins to consider as you build a website.

Pages to include

Organizing your content is key for creating great user experiences. Consider bucketing your videos and posts into the following pages.

1. Tutorials

How many times have you looked up “how to make the perfect poached egg” or “deboning a chicken for beginners”? This is where that kind of evergreen educational content can be stored for easy reference.

2. Reviews

Whether you review restaurants or vegan meat substitutes, your readers will be interested in what your experience was like and whether or not you would recommend a product or service to others.

3. Blog

Maintaining a blog is a great way to publish consistent content, especially when that content doesn’t fit perfectly into your other pages. Even your less successful recipes can make for intriguing stories that your readers will want to follow.

4. Recipes

This may be the most referenced page on your website, so you’ll want to feature detailed descriptions (that include precise ingredient quantities) and photos of your step-by-step processes. You can even take this section a step further with WordPress recipe plugins such as the ones listed below:

WP Ultimate Recipe

This tool enables your visitors to identify a recipe, print it out, or even change ingredient quantities according to the number of people you’re serving. You can use its shortcode to embed your recipes into any post or page on your site.

Zip Recipes

Both home chefs and food bloggers will appreciate the search engine optimization features that come with Zip Recipes. This plugin supports Google AMP (which can help keep your load times down), and it auto-populates recipe names (which can help you rank higher in relevant search results).


This option is the right choice for anyone who wants to make a big visual impact. It’s equipped with an intuitive drag-and-drop recipe builder, cooking timers, and other features that make recipes engaging and easy to follow.

Get cooking today

Now that you know what pages and plugins to include on your website, get started by breaking out the ingredients and documenting your creation process.

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