Is It Time to Refresh the Stock Photos on Your Website?

Do you use stock photos to accompany the articles on your website? If so, you might want to freshen up your blog by replacing those photos with new ones. Here’s how photos benefit your site, how to know when it’s time to update the ones you have, and tips on how to select the right images if it’s time for a refresh.

How stock photos benefit your site

Photos benefit your website in many ways. If you use them to break up long blocks of text in a blog post, your readers will find it visually appealing and easier to read. This may boost engagement on your site, ensuring that your fans spend more time reading your content.

You can typically download stock images in an instant at low or no cost — right from the free stock photos in the Free Photo Library, for example — they also save you the time and expense involved in hiring a photographer to create original imagery for your site.

How to know when it’s time to refresh

If you’ve been busy developing the content on your site, you may not have given much thought to your photos in a while. Here are three signs that it’s time for a refresh:

  1. Your photos look too ‘stock-y.’ The images on your site should have a natural, authentic feel. If your photos look staged or cliche in some way, then they may be overly “stock-y”. You may be unintentionally turning off potential fans, which means it’s time for a change.
  2. Your photos look like everyone else’s. If you often run across your photos on other sites, particularly other sites in your field or niche, then your audience probably has, too. Originality is important to stand out from your competitors, so you may want to swap your photos out with new ones if they’re too cookie-cutter in nature.
  3. Your photos no longer fit your brand. Brands evolve and change over time. When you look at your photos, do you feel like they still represent your site well, or are they a bit off in terms of the design or style? If your photos no longer hit the mark, consider updating them.

How to select the right stock images for your site

Here are a few tips for ensuring success with your new photos:

  1. Use high-quality images. Be sure to select high-resolution images, especially if you’re not wild about the quality of your existing photos.
  2. Match your photos to your brand. Is your brand playful and creative, or a bit more high-brow and formal? Select your new photos accordingly.
  3. Make sure your photos complement your content. As Hubspot points out, featuring photos that match the theme of your blog post will help your fans figure out what the post is about.
  4. Consider A/B testing your images for the best results. You may want to use A/B testing to figure out which one performs best, particularly if you’re using stock images as part of a call to action (CTA) on your site.

Refresh your photos and update your look

If the photos on your site have been looking stale, then it might be time to switch up your look. Choose photos that are fresh, match your brand, and line up with the topic of each blog post. Doing so will help your content shine and ensure continued success for your site.

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