How to Write Short-Form Blog Posts

Many brands today are looking to ditch lengthy write-ups and instead publish short-form blog posts, which are usually 350 to 600 words in length. For instance, if your audience is already familiar with your products or services, or if they are far along in the buyer’s journey, short-form content can be really effective. That being said, writing concisely is challenging. Read on to learn how to write more succinctly without leaving anything essential out.

5 tips for writing short-form blog posts

If you’re thinking about using shorter blog posts in your content marketing, the following five tips will be helpful.

1. Set a specific goal

For each brief blog post, be sure to establish a specific goal. Consider what you hope to achieve with your blog post. Are you trying to get people on the phone with you, or do you want them to join your list? Perhaps you want to start a discussion on a certain topic and invite them to leave a comment.

By identifying your blog post goal, you’ll be able to keep your post concise and finish it with a clear call to action specifically designed to help you achieve that goal.

2. Choose your topic carefully

Be sure that your topic is suited for shorter-length blog posts. For example, if you want to write the ultimate guide to fly fishing, a short post that ranges from 500 to 1,000 words will probably force you to leave a lot of details out.

But, if you want to write about choosing the best fishing rod, a short-form blog post could be perfect.

3. Focus on one idea

Closely related to the previous two tips, our third tip is to focus your post solely on one main idea. This will help keep your post concise and to the point, which is the goal of all short-form content. You can always cover additional ideas with separate blog posts.

4. Edit ruthlessly

Another secret to writing short-form blog posts is the editing process. For short posts, you need to edit ruthlessly. Eliminate any unnecessary words or repetitious phrases and sentences. Consider using an app like Hemingway to help you with this.

hemingway app

5. Use multimedia to elaborate on your message

Our last tip is to take advantage of multimedia content to help you convey your message. Images, audio posts, and videos are all great ways to engage your readers and give them extra information that can be easily consumed, even if they are constantly on the go or using a mobile device.

Writing short-form blog posts can be challenging, but these tips will help you get to the point quickly and clearly. And while you’re working on writing shorter posts, why not also learn about the benefits of shorter URLs?

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