How to Schedule Posts in

Learning how to schedule posts in can help you maintain a regular publishing cadence on your blog. In this straightforward tutorial, we explain why you’d want to schedule posts in and then show you how, step-by-step.

Benefits to scheduling blog posts

There are at least three good reasons for scheduling your blog posts in advance:

1. Timely publishing

Time of publication can greatly affect engagement with your posts. Engagement includes traffic, reader interaction, and other metrics you might care about as a blogger. For instance, the best time to post is generally believed to be between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m, although it depends on the niche. When scheduling posts in advance, you can always set them to be published on the exact day and hour that’s been yielding the best results compared with other publication times.

2. Regular posting

Scheduling posts in advance helps you continue publishing regular content, even when you’re not in front of the computer. The key here is to schedule your posts at least a week ahead on your publishing calendar.

3. Reader engagement

Posting at regular times — if you do it long enough — will tell your audience when to expect a piece of content from you. This further increases reader engagement, since your audience will look forward to reading your next post.

How to schedule posts in has all the tools you need to schedule posts in advance.

To get started, log in to and click on the main Write button on the top right.

Write button

Proceed to work on your content as normal — add your texts, images, etc. (Side note: Here’s our tutorial on how to write a blog post using the new content editor. Check it out.)

When you’re done working on your post, click on the main Publish… button.

Publish button

In the menu that appears, click on the label Publish: Immediately. You’ll see a calendar box like this one:


In it, you can pick whatever date you want your post to be published on and also a specific time of publication. When you set the date, click on the Schedule button.


Your post has just been scheduled! You’ll see a confirmation message like this one:


Additionally, your post is now visible in the posts list, under the Scheduled tab. You can see this list if you go to My Sites → Site → Posts → Scheduled:

Scheduled post

Note: you can schedule your pages in a similar way. Just create a new page and then follow the same steps. You’ll see your scheduled pages in My Sites → Site → Pages → Scheduled.

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