How to Publish Your Blog on Kindle

If you’re a website owner, your content is probably already optimized for mobile viewing. But you can take your mobile-first mindset a step further by letting fans enjoy your content on the go with e-readers such as Kindles — without getting interrupted by annoying phone notifications or alerts.

Here are two ways you can publish your blog on Kindle to please your audience, whether they’re hardcore bookworms or just prefer a distraction-free reading experience.

1. Sign up for a Kindle Publishing account

This option allows you to directly publish your blog on Kindle, enabling readers to download and read it straight from their devices. However, because Amazon is still testing this tool, it may only be available intermittently.

To get started, you’ll have to create a Kindle Publishing for Periodicals account, but because this program is still in beta, you’ll need permission to access it. Once you’ve logged in for the first time, you’ll see a five-digit vendor code in the upper right-hand corner. Copy that code and email it to

From there, you’ll be able to fill out a form to add your blog along with a screenshot to display on the Amazon sales page. Though you can make your content available for free, you’ll also have the option of setting a price on it, which can help you monetize your blog.

2. Add downloadable PDFs of your blog posts

This option doesn’t publish directly to Kindles and requires readers to download each post they want to read. However, if the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals service is unavailable, it’s a solid option to consider.

Start by saving your blog post as a PDF; you can do this by copying the content, pasting it into a word processor (such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word), formatting it to appear correctly, and exporting it as a PDF. Be sure to include your featured image and post title on the first page, as this will be the cover page that displays when a user downloads the file.

Now, you’ll have to decide whether you want to host all your blog PDFs on one page (which might be more convenient if you’ll be uploading them on a regular basis) or if you want to embed the files within their respective posts. Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to go into the visual editor and upload the document to your Media Library.

Lastly, select the file and click Insert to add it directly to your post or page. This allows readers to download your content and view it on any device that supports PDFs, including Kindles.


Carrie Dagenhard

Carrie is an old school, gumshoe journalist trapped in a modern content marketer's body. She specializes in writing for the marketing, technology and healthcare industries, and loves helping bloggers and small business owners grow their presence online. Carrie resides in the "Silicon Hills" of Austin, TX with her husband and two adorable cats.

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