How to Make Your Own Professional Website [Infographic]

Your website is the online storefront of your business. Making a strong first impression matters. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out how to make a professional website on your own. A wide range of pre-made themes and templates allow you to create a polished, professional-looking site that doesn’t require any special coding or page design know-how.

Check out our infographic below for some simple tips on how to quickly and easily give your business the professional website it deserves.

How to create a more professinal-looking website

A strong first impression

If you’re new to creating business websites, you might be tempted fill the landing page with stories, stats, images, video, and other information you think is relevant to your target audience. But it’s better to keep things simple. Give your featured content room to breathe and highlight the most important information for your target audience. Use images, video, and other visual elements selectively to avoid information overload. Doing this will also ensure that your site loads quickly for visitors, facilitating a snappy user experience.

The right theme can help bridge the gap between informational content and an approachable presentation. offers hundreds of themes to choose from, each featuring fully customizable colors, fonts, images, and text for your business website. If you’re looking to launch quickly,’s templates will offer an elegant, professional-looking, and ready-to-use layout.

A picture worth a thousand words

When choosing images for your website banner and pages, seek out high-resolution, eye-catching images that will have a strong impact. Stay away from blurry and low-quality photographs, as well as cheap-looking stock images. Check out Creative Commons for access to images licensed for commercial use.

Take a similar approach when choosing your font — pick one that is in line with your brand’s overall aesthetic but not gimmicky. You should never sacrifice readability to accomplish an aesthetic.

Accessibility is everything

Since a lot of your traffic is likely to come from mobile sources, you’ll need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. offers a large library of responsive themes that will optimize your site’s appearance for any device — desktop, laptop tablet, or phone.

Finally, as you add plugins and other features to enhance the performance of your business website, consider installing a chatbot. While this technology may seem innovative, plugins like WP-Chatbot use Facebook Messenger to deploy a chatbot on your site for free. This is an excellent and easy way to upgrade the professional look and feel of your website. And it will improve your customer engagement, which is good for your overall business.

Thanks to slick themes and access to a large library of tools, it’s easier than ever to create a professional-looking website, no matter your experience level. As you discover how to make your own professional website, take the time to play around with different themes, plugins, and other tools until you land on the perfect combination of design elements for your website’s content.


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