How to Find Bloggers in Your Industry and Expand Your Network

Are you wondering how to find bloggers in your industry who are looking to communicate, network, and collaborate? In today’s world, website owners can really benefit by connecting with others in their space and working together strategically.

Ultimately, finding blogger friends is similar to finding friends in real life. You have to start by looking in the places where you, as a blogger, spend a lot of your time — because that’s where other bloggers spend their time. Here are nine tips on where to look and how to get started.

1. Join Facebook groups

Facebook will automatically suggest groups to you based on your interests and activity. You can also research blogging groups according to your industry, experience level, or type of business. These groups are not just a great place to find fellow bloggers, but they’re also an excellent way to promote your blog and find helpful resources and tips.

2. Attend blogging conferences and networks

There are many blogging networks that connect people by their commonalities, such as location, industry, and goals. For example, FinCon connects personal finance bloggers, Haven connects DIY bloggers, and FLBlogCon joins together bloggers in the Sunshine State. It’s much easier to form relationships when you’re meeting people who share your interests.

3. Read and comment on other blogs

Commenting on a blogger’s post is a great way to initiate a friendship and a business relationship and to show support. (Here are several helpful tips from Neil Patel on what to avoid when commenting.) Commenting is also a way to boost search engine rankings, which gets more eyes on the post and more exposure for that blogger.

4. Invest in a blogging course

Building your blogging skills is an essential part of being successful online. So, when you decide it’s time to sign up for a class or two, reach out to your classmates so that you can learn and thrive together in the blogosphere.

5. Browse Instagram

Instagram makes it easy to find new bloggers and to get a peek into their life and blog. You can start by using hashtags such as #bloggerlife, #bloggerproblems, and #ontheblog. These will quickly locate tons of new bloggers with whom you can start up a conversation.

6. Send an email

This might seem like a bold move, but don’t think too hard about it. Sending an email is merely starting a conversation with someone who has similar interests, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself professionally.

7. Pitch a guest post

As a business owner and blogger, it can be difficult to continually and consistently post new content to your website. Offering free content is a great way to help out a fellow blogger — and possibly get a link back to your blog on their page.

8. Link to other bloggers in a blog post

If you want to grab someone’s attention, then include a link to their website or an article they’ve written in one of your blog posts. This acknowledges your admiration for their expertise in that area.

9. Create a Facebook group

Establishing and running an online community will allow you to not only find other bloggers but to form bonds with them. It’s a great way to have a mutually beneficial and supportive environment that you control. You can make it a place to exchange ideas, respond to each other’s posts, and share each other’s wins and losses.

At the end of the day, there’s no reason to be a lonely blogger. You have a message you want to convey and a business you want to grow, and those things take both work and support. But if you know how to find bloggers in your industry and how to build those genuine online relationships, you’re already well on your way.


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