How to Build a Strong Company Culture with Your Website

It’s no secret that an uplifting company culture is vital to every brand, and it’s up to management to promote a positive workplace. After all, business success requires true concern for the well-being of the people who generate or close sales.

If you fail to develop a genuinely friendly, caring atmosphere for those on the inside, it’ll manifest as gossip, secrets, missed deadlines, and a generally stressed-out, unhappy team. And if you don’t think a poor company culture escapes closed office doors, think again.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small local day care, a bustling blog, or a retail outlet — your employees propel your success. You can foster effective leadership, job optimism, and commendable workplace values, and show appreciation for your hardworking employees, all by making the most of your website.

Update your About Us page

An About Us page provides potential supporters the names, faces, and background of the experts with whom they’re considering doing business.

Maybe you already have an About Us page, summing up the key information — your credentials, goals, and mission statement. If so, it may be time to update and add more to the page, including a little about you and your team. Honor your hardworking employees or associates by showing them they matter enough to be featured on the company website.

Too many people to give everyone a short introduction? Even group photos — such as the one displayed on the About Us page — make company staff feel included and valued.

Create a Community Involvement page

Another way to improve your company culture is to get everyone involved in a non-work-related event, such as volunteering in the community. Rally your team to brainstorm ways to give back annually or semi-annually, collecting non-perishables for a local food bank or hosting a barbecue to raise money for a cause, for instance.

Take plenty of photos, capturing your team’s cheerful, charitable attitude in action, and upload them to a dedicated blog page with a fitting name like “Our Company in the Community.” That way, guests and your band of heroes can see how local involvement makes a real difference.

Share your core values

If your company’s core values include respect, helpfulness, and fairness, who wouldn’t feel good about showing up to work every day? Sundance Vacations deserves a hat tip for the core values they embrace, using TEAMWORK as an acronym:

T – Transcend professionalism

E – Enjoy recognition

A – Always show respect

M – Make honesty your best policy

W – Welcome fairness

O – Opt to have fun

R – Respond to charity

K – Keep a positive attitude

Well-defined standards help everyone know what to expect and what’s expected of them. Why not develop a suitable acronym to define your company’s values, and post it on your site, referring back to it as needed?

Show pride in your people

If you own, say, a bakery, consider creating a child page (under a parent page, such as About Us) where you can celebrate the great people behind your bread, donuts, or other sweet treats. Give it a fitting name like “On the Job.” And don’t just showcase images of your crew rolling dough or mixing batter; choose pictures or videos that catch them smiling, laughing, and having fun while at work — all signs of a healthy company culture, explains staffing platform Sidekicker.

When your heart’s truly in it, developing an uplifting workplace setting is both doable and commendable. Now that you know what it takes to improve your company culture, using your website as a platform, why not turn your attention to your blog’s commenting culture?


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