How to Blog Better with Low-Cost Online Writing Resources

In today’s digital world, there’s an abundance of online writing resources at your fingertips — and many are cheap or even free. By taking advantage of the benefits they offer, you can learn how to create better content on your site.

Boosting your content with online writing resources

Get started today with any of these educational tools:

1. Google Digital Garage

Through its Digital Garage, Google offers a variety of marketing courses. Among them are several relevant to writing skills. Learn how to promote a business with content. Get informed about the fundamentals of digital marketing. It’s all easy with this helpful online resource.

2. Blogging U.

When you have a account, you can take any course at Blogging U. for free. There are several tracks available, including one on writing and another on blogging fundamentals. You can start any time and take as many courses as you like.

3. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab

Free not only to its current students but also to the public at large, the Purdue Online Writing Lab provides 24-hour access to writing advice and information. Find articles, podcasts, and an entire collection of YouTube videos on various writing subjects. Learn more about grammar, professional writing, technical writing, and even how to overcome writer’s block.

4. Udemy Online Blogging Courses

As the world’s largest online learning and teaching marketplace, Udemy offers a variety of affordably priced courses. Included in the lineup are some on writing for the web. You’ll have your pick of topics, whether you’re interested in blogging and writing secrets, learning how to write content that gets shared, or taking a masterclass on viral blogging and content creation.

Taking the next step

What’s great about these online writing resources is their convenience and cost. You can access them online anytime, and they are either cheap or absolutely free.

These options are only the beginning. There are many other online writing resources available to you, as well. Try visiting college and university websites to find free courses. Read blogs and listen to podcasts about writing. You may enjoy taking classes from experts at online educational resources such as Skillshare. And, of course, you can also find articles about writing at, such as “Tips for Writing a Blog Post.”

Thanks to the variety of online writing resources, there are several ways to learn to build a better site.

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