Get Your Creative Juices Flowing with Daily Writing Prompts

Writing is a tool for some, an outlet to others, and a journey into the unknown for many. As with any journey, there are often roadblocks — or, more appropriately, writer’s block — to overcome, which is why some people need challenges to reinvigorate their creativity and push them past their plateaus.

Your challenge is to publish a new article or blog post every day for the next seven days. You can write about your own topics or consider using the daily writing prompts below. Your goal is to create one week’s worth of content for your personal journal, professional website, or business blog.

Before we delve into these daily writing prompts, consider the following storytelling guidelines:

  • Highlight the story within your topic. How can you make it personal, funny, endearing, or unique?
  • Reflect on your experience. How did you solve the problem, handle the details, or transform yourself?
  • Explore what you learned. How can your story inspire your readers?

With those questions in mind, begin brainstorming about the topics below.

Daily writing prompts to revitalize your writing

  1. What is the best piece of advice that you ever received? How has it guided your decisions and how does it inspire you today?
  2. Reflect on a cherished memory and describe why it stands out. Share how that memory has affected other events in your life and business.
  3. What instances of your past would you rewind and redo? Write about the changes you would make and the outcomes you would expect.
  4. Consider the people you’ve met in your life. Pick three to five people who possess qualities you admire and tell the story of why you respect or value each one.
  5. Think back to a challenge that you faced within the last five years. What do you know now that you wish you’d known then? How have your skills, knowledge, and self-awareness changed or improved?
  6. Recognize three of your lifetime achievements and discuss how each came to be.
  7. If you were on a television talk show or podcast, what would you be interviewed about? Write about your area of expertise.

You have your topics, you have your guides for storytelling — let’s see what you can create. Once you’ve written your article or blog post and have read it out loud to yourself, publish it and start making a difference in others’ lives. Inspire your family, friends, and followers by sharing your writing on social media. These steps will help you build a readership and connect you to a larger writing community where you’ll find a cache of ideas for your future posts.


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