Craft Good Email Subject Lines That Draw In Readers

First impressions matter. It’s true in real life, and it’s true online — it’s even true when it comes to email.

Your email’s subject line is the first thing that a reader sees in their inbox. What you write in that subject line can drive their next move. Good email subject lines motivate readers to open an email in the moment instead of putting it off for later — or just moving it to the trash bin.

Since promotional emails and subscriber lists are key to growing your blog and encouraging people to support your business, mastering the art of the email subject line is essential. Whatever your content is about, here are some universal tips for writing subject lines that will guarantee more opened emails.

Subject lines as told by stats

When you write an effective subject line, it leads to a higher open rate. This in turn boosts sales and fosters a stronger sense of community among your audience members.

You’re probably wondering what makes for an effective subject line. Businesses have been studying and collecting data on this question for a while. Here are a few ways to improve your subject lines based on statistics:

Keep your audience engaged

Of course, statistics alone aren’t enough to write a great subject line. Good email subject lines will grab your readers’ attention with something that they care about. Here are some fun engagement strategies that will have your audience eagerly opening your emails:

Subject lines also work best when they reflect your brand voice. Every business or blog has its own personality, whether it’s the playful and positive voice of a lifestyle blog or the humorous and casual tone of a comic-book shop. If you present yourself as fun on your website but write dull email subject lines, it might deter your audience.

At the same time, brand voice should never come at the expense of professionalism. Save the fun for newsletters or sales announcements. When someone buys an item from your online store, a subject line that simply says, “Order Received – Mom & Pop’s Shop – Confirmation #45252” will be better received — and less confusing — than one that says, “Awwwwww yeah! Thanks for checking us out!”

You want your message to be heard, and good email subject lines will make sure that it is. Practice writing effective subject lines and see what connects with your community. Your results — a higher email open rate — will reflect this extra effort.