Content Sharing: The Art of Effectively Curating Content

Even if blogging is just something you do for fun, you’re likely consistent in how often you publish new content. As satisfying as creating original content can be, it’s also time-consuming.

So, how do you remain consistent when there’s limited time and energy? It helps to create a content sharing strategy that involves publishing content from thought leaders, influencers, and other outlets.

Provide more with content curation

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content curation” before — but what does it mean?

Content curation entails sharing articles, resources, and other relevant posts from blogs, companies, and publications related to your industry. It can be as simple as creating a weekly roundup of articles that your readers might find useful or interesting.

The practice of curating content can also be applied to social media or an email newsletter.

Start by finding good source material

Before you can begin curating and sharing content, you’ll need source material. Instead of spending time seeking out share-worthy articles, create a system that consistently exposes you to fresh industry content.

  • Sign up for industry email newsletters. Begin with regularly updated media outlets, then turn your focus toward brands and blogs with interesting perspectives. You can also follow other blogs related to your niche, and access them in one centralized place using the Reader.
  • Use a news aggregator such as Feedly, especially if you prefer a less-cluttered inbox. This can help you stay up to date and organized.
  • Keep tabs on industry and thought leaders. Follow these influencers on social media, like LinkedIn, and pay attention to what they’re talking about and sharing.

Add and share your two cents

Once you acquire compelling source material, put it to use.

To make content sharing even more useful, add your own perspectives to the items that you’re sharing. A short summary of each article, what you took away from it, or how you feel about it should do the trick.

Depending on how much content you share, it can help to organize it using subheadings. For example, if you have a food blog, opt to curate content based on coverage about regional cuisines, dietary needs, or seasonal recipes.

For an example of effective content sharing, check out Alvin Ashcraft‘s straightforward yet comprehensive weekly blog content roundup for developers.

Content sharing on Alvin Ashcraft's blog

Copyrights and licensing

Being a good web citizen entails asking for permission and noting licensing rights before sharing the intellectual property of others.

When it comes to sharing direct links, obtaining permission from the owners generally isn’t necessary. Most site owners appreciate acquiring backlinks, as they want others to share their content.

If you’re directly embedding creative assets like pictures, videos, and infographics into your blog, attribution is required. Ensure that you’re in the clear by checking any licensing rights or reaching out to the asset creator to obtain permission before sharing it on your blog.

For more information about how to legally use creative assets on your blog, check out

Curate content to become a trusted source

Although people follow your blog to read about your perspective, they also appreciate when you act as a comprehensive industry resource. As an influencer, consider and promote more than just your own content.

Curating resources created by others takes some of the stress out of consistently creating new content for your audience, while further demonstrating the value of your platform.


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