Content Promotion 101: Share Your Blog with the Masses

You work hard to create compelling content. Perhaps you secretly hoped that was enough to pique the interest of readers and encourage social media sharing. Instead, you discover that your site traffic isn’t delivering on your expectations. Why isn’t anyone looking at your content?

It’s time to step up your content promotion efforts to attract an audience.

Content is more valuable when shared

Creating unique content should certainly be a website priority. With so many websites vying for reader attention, you won’t stand out with anything less. But the surplus of content on the internet makes it that much harder to differentiate your blog or website from those of competitors.

At minimum, you should distribute site content across your social networks. Use Publicize to automatically share your latest posts with fans on Facebook, Twitter followers, or whichever social media platform you prefer to use.

Tap into influencers, content aggregators, and publications

Once you begin sharing content to your social channels, take it a step further by building relationships that can result in content placements.

Influencer marketing

The Content Marketing Institute recommends compiling a list of potential influencers, and getting in touch with them before publishing your next post. Unsolicited emails containing links to your content are more likely to be deleted. In contrast, asking someone in advance to look at your content can make them more inclined to share on your behalf.

First, create a list of influencers who might be interested in sharing your content. These individuals might be in your professional industry, or appeal to an audience similar to your own. Then, send emails to inquire whether they’re interested in reading your content. Consider providing something in return and how you can offer value to others as well. Based on responses received, you can narrow down your list and reach out again once you have a relevant blog post or article to share.

Content aggregators

Audiences use content aggregators like as digests to remain up to date with the topics and industries they’re interested in following. You can also use aggregators to share your work with wider audiences.

First, determine which content aggregators are most relevant to your niche, and familiarize yourself with the types of content they share. Then, reach out to their respective content curators and ask about the types of posts that their readers find useful. Even if a curator doesn’t take you up on an initial offer, establishing contact might make them more inclined to promote your content in the future.

Pitching publications

You can also ask journalists and publications to distribute your content. Moz suggests using Twitter to find journalists in your niche. If your posts align with a topic they’re currently covering or plan to cover in the future, they might link back to your content within in their own.

Some publications accept submissions from guest bloggers. So, be sure to ask whether a particular outlet would be interested in reposting your content. Not every publication accepts contributed content, but if you make a meaningful connection with someone who works there, they might be compelled to lend a hand and share your content to their social media channels.

Patience is a virtue

Content promotion requires hard work and persistence. You won’t attract a dedicated audience overnight. But with time and tenacity, your efforts will pay off in the long run.

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