Competitor Website Analysis Tools: Learn How You Stack Up

You’ve built your business website and are keeping an eye on the data and analytics that track your site’s performance. But what about the analytics from your competitors’ websites? Here’s a guide to help you become familiar with competitor website analysis tools so you can see how you stack up.

Why use competitor website analysis tools?

By doing some promotion ahead of time, you can launch a website that attracts visitors from day one. But your work doesn’t end there. It’s important to check your website analytics frequently and make any necessary changes to improve results. You can learn how to enable Google Analytics for your website here.

You can also find inspiration in the analytics of your competitors’ websites. Are your keywords not driving results? Check which keywords your competitors are using and whether these are producing better results than yours. Are visitors not spending enough time on your website? A look at the average time spent on your competitors’ websites could lead you to ideas for more engaging content.

Useful competitor website analysis tools

So, where do you start? One of the most common tools is Google Alerts. You may already use Google Alerts to stay on top of industry news, but do you have alerts set up for updates from specific competitors? By staying on top of their website content, you can keep yours fresh, too.

The SEO Book Competitive Research Tool is a tool available through the subscription-based service SEO Book. You can search for any website and view organic keyword rankings and webpage traffic. You can also view sites with similar keyword traffic to your own website, which can lead you to other competitors to keep your eye on.

SEMrush is a paid tool that includes competitive analysis in the areas of SEO, paid traffic, and social media. An SEO audit is also included as a part of the service, which can help you find new backlinking opportunities. The competitive analysis helps in finding new keywords and audiences to target.

Another subscription-based competitive analysis software is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is known for its intuitive design and constant addition of new features. Like SEO Book and SEMrush, Ahrefs can be used to research both keywords and traffic.

As Forbes notes, understanding your website’s analytics is critical to your website sales and engagement. Understanding your competitors’ analytics can give you a leg up.


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