Boost Your Fanbase and Search Ranking with Credible Writing

We all start out as beginners, but as we grow, so do our ambitions. Sharing knowledge and experience with others can position you as a trustworthy source of information. In turn, this can increase your following and work to further promote your business. But to accomplish this, you must become a credible writer.

Credible writing is vital when publishing content under the banner of your business. It can also increase your visibility by improving your search engine rankings.

Convey credibility to help your brand thrive

Even with years of education and experience under your belt, you’ll still need to find ways to convey your depth of knowledge. Otherwise, no one will trust in the authority of your content. On the opposite end of this spectrum, readers might dismiss you as arrogant if you convey confidence without having enough influence to substantiate your claims.

Most content creators fall somewhere in the middle of this range. Since education and experience accumulate over time, focus on what you can do to authoritatively communicate your existing knowledge.

Why should you do this? Search Engine Journal explains that relevance, authority, and trust are the three key components of high-quality, successful content. Once you can demonstrate your authority in a particular niche, your chances of ranking favorably on relevant search terms improve. This can increase your online presence and attract more fans or customers.

Communicate your expertise with content

Whether or not you’ve mastered a craft, your content can still project an air of authority to visitors and search engines alike. Use the following tips to become a reliable source of information.

  • Expand your knowledge of the subject area in question: Take a course, seek advice from experts, or read up on the topic. Be sure to read content written by other authority figures.
  • Use an “About Me” page to promote yourself: If you have years of experience or relevant certifications and degrees, let your readers know.
  • Choose your words wisely and structure text accordingly: Straightforward, succinct information can appear more credible than wordy prose. So, avoid run-on sentences, unnecessary information, uncommon terms, and profanity.
  • Link to credible sources: Sourcing information from reputable publications shows readers that you stay on top of news related to your niche. As Search Engine Journal reports, the quality of your outgoing links can impact your search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Publish content often: There is always something to write about. Explain your venture’s process, go behind the scenes, or share and discuss relevant news. Keeping your site active and updated demonstrates that you take content seriously.
  • Attribute images: Search engines can’t read images; however, by adding captions, descriptions, and alt text, they can get a better understanding of what your content is about — and rank it accordingly.

Attributing images

Make your voice heard

Becoming an authority figure in the eyes of your readers and earning high search engine rankings won’t happen overnight. But with credible writing, consistent posts, and SEO knowledge, your site’s popularity can build momentum that will help your brand grow in due time.


Lorna Hordos

Lorna Hordos is a home-flipping business owner and freelance writer.

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