Boost Content on Social Media in 3 Steps

Many social media platforms are catching onto the fact that we’re using their services to help grow our businesses. In response — and in support of the trend — these platforms have sought ways to help. One of these allows us to boost content so that more people can interact with it.

What does it mean to boost content?

Typically, on social media — whether on a business or personal page — once a post has been up for a while, it doesn’t show up in your followers’s feeds anymore.

Successful social media platforms are designed to make sure that users are seeing new content on a regular basis so that they aren’t bored.

With boosting, you can pay to have the social media platform surface a high-performing post to non-followers for an extended period of time. When you boost a post, and it’s performing really well, you may continue to see rises in engagement. When this is the case, you may not have to worry about reinventing the wheel every single day with a brand-new post.

Choosing posts to boost

If you’ve been active on social media for a while, then you probably have numerous posts you can boost. But how do you know which ones are the best?

In some cases, the social media platform will tell you itself. For example, if you have an Instagram post with more engagement than 80 percent of your other posts, the app will notify you.

But if you’re hoping to receive engagement before a social media platform suggests something, here’s how to choose:

1. Know your average numbers

How many likes, comments, profile clicks, and link clicks do your posts receive on average?

2. Which posts are above average?

Sort your posts based on their numbers — any posts that are below-average should not be considered. Posts that are already performing better than average are the ones you want to pay attention to.

Highlight each higher-than-average post in a spreadsheet, along with the specific engagement metrics that you’re tracking.

3. What are your boosting goals?

Do you want to gain more followers or more traffic to your website? Or perhaps you’d like to boost engagement numbers on your posts?

Based on your #1 goal for boosting posts, choose the post (or posts) that have the highest numbers corresponding to these goals. If you want more traffic, choose the posts with the most link clicks.

Pay for the boost

Each platform is different, but they all make it fairly easy to boost posts from your business or page dashboard.

Here’s what it looks like on two of the most popular social media platforms that don’t require ad campaigns to boost:


Facebook content boost

This appears at the bottom of each of your page’s posts.


Instagram content boost

The insights and option to promote a post looks like this on Instagram. You’ll see it at the bottom of each post.

After you click on the “Boost” or “Promote” buttons, you’ll be able to set your payment options for the boost.

*Note: For most platforms, you will need your page/account to be listed specifically as a business account before you can boost content.

Track your results

After each boost is done, record your results. Did you reach your goals? Did one post not perform as well the second time around? Keeping these records will tell you which posts are worth the boost, and which ones are better left alone.


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