Blog Trends in 2019: Everything You Need to Know for Success

Blogging can be one of the most effective ways to create content and drive traffic to your website. And identifying current blog trends can help you focus and create the type of content that users want to read and engage with.

So, what are the blog trends of 2019? Shorter content, authentic posts, and video are just a few of today’s must-have content types.

Niche content

Forget writing generic blog posts. This year, blogs are all about niche content for a specific audience.

This type of community blogging can engage more people who want the content most. Niche content can be specific to an industry, a trend or pop culture event, or even a club or activity.

The blog for the national running group Black Girls Run! is packed with information about races, products, and profiles of the community. The blog follows a regular publication schedule but features posts of different types and lengths.

Don’t forget to give users the opportunity to follow your blog and get new posts.

Video blogging

Vlogging isn’t just for YouTube.

A mix of both video and text content is perfect for blogs. (Plus, you can embed videos right from YouTube or other sources directly into your website.)

For this blog trend, most bloggers are creating a post with video in addition to a text element. Text might include a video transcript, short synopsis of what’s in the video, or other related content.

The primary reason to include video and text in the same blog post is two-fold: 1) it will appeal to a wider audience, and 2) text paired with video helps search engines “read” the content, enhancing its optimization.

With, you can use a mix of videos and text in your blog posts, such as this list of top widgets for bloggers.

Authentic stories

If you use social media at all, or even if you’re simply tracking blog traffic, you’re probably noticing this trend: users spend more time with content that tells an authentic story.

Authentic stories can be about anything — they just have to be real. From describing a trip in a long-form format on a travel blog to going live from a location, what resonates most is a blog post that users can relate to and trust.

A Broken Backpack follows this blog trend, combining elements of long-form blogging with social proof from Snapchat and video on YouTube. While this blogger’s photos are stunningly beautiful, they also seem real.


Consider using more micro-moments as short blog blasts. Users like micro-moments because they are things that are happening now — think hashtags for bloggers — and offer advice on everything from what shoes to buy to what’s happening on Netflix.

Plus, Google loves this concept. So, it certainly can’t hurt.

Blog for search

No matter what type of content you create or what topic you focus on, blogs should be designed for search. This includes traditional search and voice search. (Think of how often you ask Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri for help.)

Users today are asking more and more questions to search engines rather than typing them. This can impact how you write, potentially making it smarter to create more question-and-answer posts, to ensure your blog uses featured snippets and structured data, and to focus on long-tail keywords.

How to adopt blogging trends

Not all blog trends are for every website. Pick one or two trends that work with your current site content and styles. Some of them, like short-form posts, can be less time-consuming than others, like, producing more video, especially if you aren’t already creating video.

The trends that are most likely to work on your website are ones that you’ll use. Start with one of these ideas and incorporate it into your website. Once you’re comfortable with that, add another, and you’ll be well on your way to blogging success.


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