6 Clever Ways to Use Video on Your Site

Video content is on the rise. According to Impact, users each spend about 67 minutes streaming video content every day. You can take advantage of this trend by adding video to your website, allowing customers to connect with you in new, personal ways.

To captivate customers and earn their business, here’s a list of creative ways to use video on your site.

1. “About Me” videos

Potential customers might view your “About Me” page to get a better sense of who you are, and why they should give you their business. Placing a video on your “About Me” page offers customers an additional opportunity to learn about your passions. As not every site visitor will want to read long blocks of text, presenting a visual option to learn more about your background and brand can result in deeper, more authentic connections.

2. Time-lapse

Time-lapse videos are an innovative way to document a process from start-to-finish in only a few seconds. This type of video presents viewers with a condensed version of a normally time-consuming process, and can further reveal your expertise and how you go about completing projects.

3. Testimonials

Previous and current customers might be your biggest fans. This makes their reviews very valuable. Providing video testimonials on your site supports your positive track record and lets potential clients see how you successfully completed projects to help others.

4. Fresh angles

Showing a novel point of view is an excellent way to captivate your audience. You can use a drone to capture a bird’s-eye view, or immerse viewers in real time using action cameras or livestreams.

5. Behind the scenes

Take viewers behind the scenes of your business to show clients a side of your life that they wouldn’t otherwise see. You can apply this method to highlight your workspace, staff, or what a typical day at the office is like.

6. Tutorials

Videos can be a very effective teaching tool. If you’re an expert in a specific topic or subject, teach others how to do it through a tutorial. It’ll also help position you as a trustworthy resource and leader in your field.

There are many ways to use video on your site, and the most appropriate method will ultimately depend on your audience and the purpose of your business or blog. After you film, edit, and upload content, get the most out of it by ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly.


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