4 Unique Travel Blog Angles to Set Your Content Apart

The travel blogging space is saturated, to say the least. There are thousands of travel blogs that exist today, many of which already have established, engaged audiences. If you’re hoping to start your own travel blog, you’re going to need a unique angle to set yourself apart from the masses.

To that end, here are some of the most overdone travel blogging strategies, as well as several tactics that can help make your content stand out.

Travel blog clichés to avoid

When you’re deciding how to start your new blog, it can be quite helpful to first determine what not to do. There are many angles, topics, and even phrases that are already overused in the travel blogging space, so it’s best to avoid them when possible.

For instance, when naming your blog, Young Adventuress suggests passing on these terms:

  • Global

  • Nomad

  • Adventure

  • Journey

  • Wanderlust

There are already dozens of blogs with these names, and using these terms will only make it harder for you to stand out from the crowd.

Further, many new travel bloggers don’t have much of a content strategy — they just post pretty images of places they’ve traveled, hoping the visuals will earn them followers. This is not only overdone, but it can also come across as staged.

More and more, consumers are choosing original and honest content over “perfect” options. For instance, Farmore Marketing notes that in marketing, original images convert 45 percent more customers than stock photos. It just goes to show that your audience wants to see your actual experience, not something staged.

4 unique travel blogging angles

With that in mind, it may be beneficial to choose a content strategy that does more than just showcase appealing pictures. The following are four interesting blogging angles that can help distinguish your site.

1. Take a realistic approach

Any time you travel — whether across the state or across the globe — you’re bound to run into a few issues. However, you’d never know it by looking at travel blogs, as most only show the positive aspects of their trips.

“The truth is, my life isn’t all sunny beaches, gorgeous hotels, and epic adventures,” writes travel blogger Wild Junket. “There are times when I’m absolutely fed up of flying or stressed out from the lack of Wi-Fi connection.”

Why not take a more realistic approach to travel blogging, chronicling both the good and bad parts of your experiences? Your audience finds that much more relatable.

2. Use humor to engage readers

If you have a good sense of humor, that is another way to set your blog apart from the masses. Most travel blogs are pretty straightforward and/or aspirational, so people will find it refreshing to read a comical take on traveling.

3. Integrate another hobby or interest

Are you a part-time potter? A die-hard fitness lover? If you have another hobby or pastime, it might be interesting to merge it with your travel blogging. Maybe you run 5K races all around the world or seek out homemade pottery in every new place you visit. Whatever your hobby, it can help you create unique content for your blog.

4. Work toward a goal

Instead of just going to random destinations, you can add a bit of structure to your blog by working toward a specific goal. Maybe you want to find the best underground dinner clubs in Europe or visit every sunflower field in the U.S. Whatever you choose, having a goal will help to engage your readers and keep them coming back for updates.

These are just a few options of how you can come up with a unique travel blogging strategy. When you set yourself apart from your competition, you’ll be able to grow your following faster and open up more opportunities.

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