Four Reasons to Use the Mobile App

It’s hardly a secret that mobile apps have transformed the way the world communicates and does business. Consumers spent an average of more than 3.5 hours on mobile devices per day in 2018, reports eMarketer, and apps accounted for about 90 percent of the time spent on smartphones. Chances are, mobile apps are your first choice for communication and transactions.

The WordPress mobile app for iOS and Android can make website and blog management easier for both small-business owners and bloggers. Read on to discover four ways the WordPress app can help with productivity, publishing, and more.

Four reasons to use the WordPress mobile app

1. Mobile publishing

The WordPress mobile app gives you the power to create and publish content directly from your mobile device, no matter where in the world you’re located. You can also easily edit content if something isn’t working or if you decide to make changes.

The app includes a wide range of features and capabilities designed for on-the-go blog management, including the ability to:

  • Create and publish blogs.
  • Add categories and tags.
  • Edit post excerpts.
  • Add a featured image.

2. Analytics

With the WordPress app, you can quickly view and track your website analytics on demand. Stats on the app allow you to track your content’s performance, understand where your readers are coming from, and create a data-driven content strategy in real time.

3. Networking

For business owners and bloggers alike, networking is still critical to success in 2019. The WordPress app allows you to read content and engage with other content creators on mobile. You can follow relevant tags, view new content, and add likes and comments directly from your smartphone or tablet to build relationships.

4. Notifications

Engaging with your audience gives you a competitive advantage. Companies that deploy a well-crafted customer service program enjoy 92 percent customer retention, according to ManoByte. The WordPress app can help you build this level of customer service with mobile notifications, including comment notifications, which let you engage in real-time dialogue with your readers or customers.

Unlock your mobile advantage

Today, it’s a sure thing your customers and readers are likely to access your blog from mobile devices. Downloading the WordPress app can enable you to capture a mobile advantage with real-time content creation, analytics, networking, and audience engagement. Start using the WordPress mobile app today.


Jasmine Henry

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