5 Types of Writing Prompts for Business Blogs

Writing is important, especially if you’re doing it to support your business venture.

Creating content can be a tall order, but the benefits include better search engine rankings, lead generation, and establishing yourself as an authority in your space. To help mitigate any costs (like lost time), while keeping your brand relevant and getting your creative juices flowing, here are five types of writing prompts for business bloggers. You might find that certain categories outperform others, or that particular types of content are more effective at converting prospects into customers than others. Try each type of prompt on for size to determine which works best for your business.

1. Customer highlight

Show some customer appreciation by writing about a successful transaction. Talk about how your brand played a supporting role in improving a customer’s life, or finding a solution to a problem.


  • How [customer name] was able to accomplish [impressive feat].
  • How [customer name] teamed up with [your company name] to become a leader in X.

2. Employee highlight

On the journey to where they are now, your employees likely overcame challenges and setbacks that might inspire readers and amaze your prospective customers. Recognize your employees’ achievements by sharing their stories on your blog; it can be as simple as a posting a blurb whenever someone earns a new school degree, accreditation, or industry award. It will also give you a chance to reveal the people behind your business.


  • Congratulations to [employee name] on their [degree/accreditation/award].
  • How [employee name] overcame [challenge/setback] to become [current role or title].

3. Product or service highlights

“Wow! I can’t believe what your product or service can do, and now I really, really want it. That’s the type of response you’re aiming to get when prospective customers read your product or service highlights. Showcase your product or service’s features, capabilities, and demonstrate how it relieves your target customers’ pain points. Additionally, you can use this type of post to differentiate your brand by highlighting advantages that your offerings have over competitors.


  • Watch the [product name] do [something amazing].
  • How [product/service] saves [time/money] by doing X.

4. Share lessons and takeaways

One key to success is to keep learning and improving. Did you attend an industry trade show or conference? Did you complete another round of training or a certification? Share what you learned on your blog.


  • Five takeaways from the [conference name].
  • We just earned our [certification/accreditation] — here’s what we learned during the process.

5. Share your expertise

Another way to teach your audience while building your brand’s value is to position yourself as an industry expert. Tutorials, case studies, white papers, eBooks, DIY guides, and other educational content can stay relevant for long periods of time. You can even gate them off using an email subscription form or sell them outright.


  • Tutorial: Sourcing affordable branded merchandise for your loyalty rewards members.
  • DIY-guide: How to launch a blog for your business.

Use these ideas to create a list of new writing prompts for business purposes that will keep your blog enhanced with great content far into the future. Your employees, customers, and prospects will thank you for it.

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Aaron von Frank

Cofounder and CEO at GrowJourney.com, a USDA certified organic heirloom garden seed subscription service. Writer at TyrantFarms.com, Edible Upcountry Magazine, and other media outlets.

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