What Is a Static Front Page, and When Should You Use One?

When someone visits your website, the first thing they see is usually your homepage.

Traditionally, bloggers showcase posts listed chronologically on their homepages. Much of the content on these pages can be customized, so you can add taglines, a navigation bar, or whatever else you need to establish your brand.

A static front page, however, can help you build a brand even more efficiently.

What is a static front page?

It’s a homepage that doesn’t contain blog posts or other regularly updated content. Instead, it’s “static,” or unchanging.

A static front page, also known as a “splash page” or “custom homepage,” can feature whatever you want. It might include headlines, images, or text blurbs that encourage your audience to further connect with your site.

The WordPress.com default is to place your blog on the front page. However, there are plenty of reasons why someone might want to switch to a static front page instead.

Why choose a static front page?

Now that you know what a static front page is, it’s time to consider the benefits.

For those who want to use their front page to welcome visitors or showcase specific information, a static homepage is an excellent choice. It allows you to refine and focus your audience’s experience so that you can choose where they will be guided next.

Static homepages also offer the ability to add attention-grabbing features, such as a slider. This is especially useful if your site contains great images that will help capture your visitors’ attention and prompt them to read your posts.

When to use a static front page

While anyone can choose a static front page for their website, some will benefit more than others. Here are some examples of websites that work especially well with static homepages:

  1. Business websites — Service-based websites, ecommerce stores, and local businesses can use static homepages to give visitors a quick rundown of who they are and what they do.
  2. Portfolio websites — Before a visitor views your portfolio and dives into your work, they’ll want to know what kind of work you create. A static homepage helps provide this information.
  3. Nonprofit websites — What better place to share your vision, mission, and intention than on the homepage of your website? A static homepage is a great way to quickly show visitors what you’re doing to make the world a better place.

Creating a static front page

You can add a static front page to your site in just a few steps.

  1. Create a “Home” page. Add a new page and title it “Home.” Customize this page however you’d like, and then hit Publish.
  2. Make your “Home” page your static front page. Open your Customizer and click the Homepage Settings tab. Under Your homepage displays, select A static page. Then, in the dropdown menu under Homepage, select the page you just created. Click Publish to save your work.
  3. Create a place for recent posts. If you want a separate page for recent posts, create a new blog page. Then, on the Homepage Settings tab in your Customizer, scroll to the dropdown menu titled Posts page and select your new page. All your new posts will be now published to this page in chronological order.

Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or thought leader, you may find that a static homepage helps you highlight the best of your website. Your audience’s first impressions matter, and a static homepage is a great way to make sure that those first impressions are strong.

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