Five Powerful WordPress Calendar Plugins

Whether you have complex booking and ticketing needs or simply want to keep website visitors in the loop about upcoming events, there are many reasons to include a calendar on your site.

If you need more than what the Calendar Widget offers, there is no shortage of function-filled solutions out there.

To help you choose the right calendar plugin for your website, we’ve rounded up a few ideas for your consideration.

1. The Events Calendar

Feature-rich but easy to use, The Events Calendar management system seamlessly integrates into your dashboard. Setup is so simple that you can begin publishing events within minutes. It even gives you the power to customize layouts and manage multiple organizers and venues.

If you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll also be able to manage ticket sales and integrate with Facebook events.

2. Simple Calendar

Fans of Google Calendar, rejoice! The Simple Calendar plugin offers a quick and easy way to add Google Calendar to your site. It’s mobile-compatible, aesthetically pleasing, and one of the most user-friendly options available.

3. My Calendar

Another powerful and easy-to-integrate solution, My Calendar, is great if you’re juggling numerous events happening across different locations. You can organize events using categories and tags, and create event groups to keep track of all your engagements. Plus, it has a mass-editing feature to help you save time when making updates to multiple items.

4. EventOn

This is one of the most feature-dense WordPress calendar plugins available. EventOn is beautifully designed, customizable, robust, and user-friendly. Set a custom schedule for recurring events, include Google Maps location settings, add images, and assign different colors to events to make it easier for visitors to sort through what they need.

5. Calendarize It!

Like many of the above options, Calendarize It! offers a long list of features. This plugin also supports tons of free add-ons for even more functionality — like a countdown setting and an importing tool that can come in handy if you’re uploading several events at once. You can also use colors and custom taxonomies to keep events organized and easy to navigate.

These five WordPress calendar plugins will make it easier for you and your visitors to keep track of events. Thanks to advanced customization features, you’re sure to find a solution that blends seamlessly into your site — no matter what theme you’re using.


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