Using for School Projects and University Courses

When creating websites for school projects or university courses, the website builder is the ideal tool. First and foremost, it’s both free and intuitive to use. No matter your level of experience, you could launch your new site within 24 hours. So, whether you’re making a photography portfolio or a blog where you can post assignments, here are a few reasons to do it with

1. Free to use

Every website is free for up to 3 GB of storage space.

2. No site maintenance required

With a site, you don’t have to perform any of the ongoing updates yourself. All backups, optimization, and maintenance are automatically included with your free website.

3. A wide selection of templates

Diverse Themes for Student Projects

The versatility of available templates makes all kinds of websites possible. Select the layout that you find most suitable, and you’re set.

4. Visual editing

visual editor

You don’t need to know how to code to create content on your site. The visual editor makes posting simple and intuitive.

5. Pages for static content

If you are posting content on your website that will not change, use the Pages tool. Whether it’s an About page or a class assignment list, this is the perfect place for static content.

6. Posts for sharing fresh information

Posts, on the other hand, are ideal for featuring new content as it’s created. You can use posts to share book reviews, class assignments, photos, video, slides, and more. It’s also possible for classmates, collaborators, or teachers to subscribe and get notifications whenever new posts are published.

7. Comments comments options

For sites where you want to facilitate discussion, you can allow comments. The commenting function is enabled by default, but you’re able to turn it off, if you so choose. Go to My Site(s) → Manage → Settings. Click on the Discussion tab. Under “Default Article Settings,” toggle on/off the option to “Allow people to post comments on new articles.”

8. Optional domain name

If you need your own URL, you can buy one for an $18 annual fee.

9. Abundant help available

When you have a question about any part of your site, you can access a host of resources on’s support page. There are also active forums available, filled with information posted by other users.

To get moving on a site for school projects or college courses, go to and hit the Get Started button.


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