Make a Travel Website That Takes Visitors on a Journey

It’s a great time to be in the online travel industry. Fortune reports that more people than ever before are choosing to spend their money on travel experiences instead of on products and physical goods.

If you want these adventurous souls to visit your online business or blog for their travel needs, you should learn how to make a travel website with

Share your story

Storytelling is an important element for any successful business. This is especially true when it comes to travel lovers. People visit travel websites that promise great adventures and experiences that they can look back on and remember fondly.

One way to share stories is by keeping a regular blog dedicated to writing about local destinations or travel tips. Supplement this blog with a beautiful gallery or slideshow of happy customers on vacation, and you’ll fill your website with engaging stories that will keep people coming back for more.

Showcase your worth

Your site should demonstrate that other people find your services worth their time and money. offers a few great features that can help with this.

Social media is an excellent source of social proof, as follower counts and interactions with your posts prove your popularity. You can show off your social media presence by using’s Instagram Widget or entice visitors to follow your Facebook or Twitter accounts with the Social Icons Widget.

Reading reviews from pleased travelers convinces prospective customers to choose your travel services.’s Testimonials feature makes it easy to display positive reviews.

Help visitors book and pay

Site visitors will appreciate being able to book their trips directly on your site. There are plenty of plugins available with the Pro plan. For example, the Booking Calendar gives people a straightforward way to reserve their visits.

Letting visitors pay for their trips or excursions directly on your site is another added convenience they’ll appreciate. To do this, add a Payments button to your site. This feature is available on Pro plans and higher. Users who need a more robust online store can opt to use WooCommerce, a plugin built exclusively for eCommerce purposes.

Using these features, you’ll make a travel website that includes a “wow” factor that can draw in new visitors and help your business grow.


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