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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event #29 Review - 04.27.1991 (On His Own)

April 27, 1991 (taped April 15)
Taped from Omaha, NE
Television rating: 7.7
Announced attendance: 9.400 (capacity: ca 10.960)

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the 29th edition of WWF’s SNME. 2 299 mots de plus


Triple H in the Invasion Part 2

On May 21 2001, one of the WWE’s top superstars took a bump so bad that he took 8 months off to repair a torn quad. 1 203 mots de plus


Horrible Jumping Jeff Farmer promo from Opie & Anthony radio w/Patrice O'Neal & Bill Burr

Eating Za like Garfield smoking cigs & writing skits n shit while listening to clips on EROCs new YouTube channel called [ Speaking for Funny ] , saluteskees .

365 Wrestling, Day 60: Bruno Sammartino vs. Ernie Ladd (WWWF, 3/1/76)

365 matches in 365 days, each from that specific date on the calendar? Challenge accepted. Welcome to 365 Wrestling.

We’re kicking off the March portion of the project with another Guest Contribution, this time from… 1 152 mots de plus

365 Wrestling

Remember The Time...The WWF destroyed the credibility of some genuinely tough and talented wrestlers?

B. Dangerous

Remember the Time will take a nostalgic and opinionated look at ill-fated gimmicks, poorly conceived storylines, and forgettable moments in wrestling history. Now join me as we take a few moments to unearth that which should remain buried forever and do our best to Remember the Time… 869 mots de plus


WWF WrestleMania VII Review (Goose-Bumps And Tears Forever, Oohh Yeeaah!)

March 24, 1991
Live from Los Angeles, CA
Announced attendance: 16.158 (capacity: ca 16.740)
PPV buyrate: 400.000

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the seventh WrestleMania in WWF history. 7 203 mots de plus