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Forecast: dusk till dawn

Another poem?

Yes, pour a round for the table…

It is decadent to the taste.

We are rocking back and forth

Our glasses clinking together… 157 mots de plus


The Writer’s Craft – How Do I Become a Writer?! (Part 4)

(Niceville, Florida; 21 September 2021) – Most writers want to get published. After all, Olympians who wield their foils in front of the world every four years didn’t study fencing only to keep their amazing skills hidden at home, nor do most writers train for years just to wield the pen with magnificent skill so they can entertain an audience of just themselves. 1 722 mots de plus


Breakfast [cont'd] | Over the River: TEoJK #14


• • •

Jonathan Knox hobbles out and takes a raight, then a right at the edge of the logs. His droolin’ foot drags through the shin-high grass between the cabin and the trees. 1 586 mots de plus


"The Devil You Don't", she was the girl you would not take home to your mother!

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John Pennington’s life is in the doldrums. Looking for new opportunities, prevaricating about getting married, the only joy on the horizon was an upcoming visit to his grandmother in Sorrento, Italy. 155 mots de plus

50-Word Story ~ Enchanted Forest

Long twigs reached out from the old tree like bony fingers. Woody stumps caught in her hair and wrapped around the golden locks. She tried to wriggle free, but the twigs tightened their grip. 17 mots de plus


Isabella Deer ̈The outgoing writer ̈.

Isabella is an outgoing girl that loves spending her time writing and reading books. She enjoys listening to rock and alternative while she works on new stories and books to start writing. 242 mots de plus

Central High School

Breaking Noise

He breaks the silence with the soft melody
The madness in his head stops
The screams fade
Her ghost is there again
Watching from the front row… 164 mots de plus