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New Year New Vibe

Like most people the ringing in of the new year always comes with resolutions and promises to myself that, more often than not, are not honoured. 557 mots de plus

The Emperor's New Clothes

I feel passionately about the right of women and girls to walk freely, safely and equally in the world with men. Today’s young women have little idea the fight women have had simply to have our voices heard, let alone to be treated without discrimination, violence or oppression. 1 229 mots de plus


The UK has a new name for stablecoins and a new bill to regulate crypto

The United Kingdom moved forward on the Financial Services and Markets Bill on Oct. 25, hardening its vision for Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency and “digital settlement assets” in the country.

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Book Review: The Twilight of Democracy by Anne Applebaum

By Ennio Mos

An answer to why we should focus on the rise of authoritarian systems and the downwards spiralling of liberal democracies as the amount increases of politicians, journalists and intellectuals willing to influence society through conspiracies, political polarisation and nostalgia rather than democracy. 1 298 mots de plus


35 Instagram Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Ready to add some killer Instagram hacks to your social strategy?

From growth tactics to design tips — these Instagram hacks will help you work smarter, not harder. 4 329 mots de plus

Digital Marketing

4440. Cumberland Basin

One of the most recognisable styles in Bristol is from Taboo, and the interesting thing about that is that although he usually writes ‘Taboo’, no two pieces look the same, unlike some writers who like to recreate their letters in a similar format from piece to piece. 95 mots de plus