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How do you handle the irate commenter?

So I just had a thing happen. It was the first time on one of my book reviews I received a really scathing, insulting and utterly hateful comment. 585 mots de plus

Online Anonymity and protection for those who genuinely need it, whilst ending the damaging free-for-all for trolls is not only possible, it should have been done before

We are regrettably navigating our way through times where emotions and the fear that drives them are having a disproportionate level of influence on what government and society collectively does. 1 623 mots de plus

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What I Didn't Do...

I woke up early one morning, as per usual. I have a weird sleep pattern due to medication and pain so it was about 4 am. 475 mots de plus

Kait King Author

Those Who Troll And Bully Cancer Patients 

My posts here and elsewhere on social media regarding my cancer surgery in December 2020, my stoma wearing and mental health issues in the wake of it, have brought about some incredibly supportive messages and a reminder that I am far from alone in going through such a struggle in life.  847 mots de plus


7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Deciding Whether To Follow A Blog

How many blogs do you follow?

How many of those blogs do you never visit?

How many of those blogs do you regally visit and comment on? 1 574 mots de plus


Saturday at the Movies - Classic Reruns

You know I love the classics, particularly cult movies. I’m very keen on the 70’s too, you’ll know, and some old favourites never really die. Unlike pulp fiction, you don’t have to do much, to take an exciting trip. 835 mots de plus


Briarheart by Mercedes Lackey


Note : 4 sur 5.


From beloved fantasy author Mercedes Lackey comes a fresh and feminist reinterpretation of Sleeping Beauty.

Miriam may be the daughter of Queen Alethia of Tirendell, but she’s not a princess. 622 mots de plus