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2022? Not Off to a Great Start

Photo by Sumit Rai on Pexels.comMy one and only cross stitch project.

Remember when we thought 2020 was shit and 2021 would be better? I saw a video on YouTube where the guy says, « Now that we’re getting past COVID… » It was filmed in July 2021. 611 mots de plus

The Great Paper Test of 2022 - Part 1


The idea of a paper comparison germinated early last year, when I found (and bought) some heavily discounted A5 notebooks from Amazon. I had been using both cheap ringbound notebooks and Oxford Red n’ Black for work, for years, but these Clairefontaine Europa, came at an irresistable price. 272 mots de plus

Fountain Pens

It's (high) time we STOPPED testing

After two years of testing the CDC as well as other so called « health authorities » have admitted that the PCR-tests are unreliable, at best – completely useless is more likely. 533 mots de plus

This is a test

A what?

A test.

A what?

A test.

Oh, a test.