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rsync a file using a ssh .pem public key

Using a public SSH key with rsync to transfer a single file. The key is the -e option which modifies the SSH command used by rsync. 12 mots de plus


Using the Raspberry Pi to Turn an iPad into a Real Computer, part 5a: Fuck it. Use Mosh.

I have been writing a lot about this Raspberry Pi iPad server project and Mosh pretty much seemed purpose-built to solve the « ssh on a mobile device that hates background processes and open connections » problem. 54 mots de plus


Cisco Umbrella の SSH 認証メカニズムに存在する脆弱性 CVE-2022-20773 が FIX

Cisco Umbrella default SSH key allows theft of admin credentials

2022/04/21 BleepingComputer — Cisco Umbrella Virtual Appliance (VA) 対するセキュリティ・アップデートがリリースされ、未認証の攻撃者がリモートで管理者認証情報を盗むという、深刻な脆弱性への対応が行われた。Cisco Umbrella VA のキーベース SSH 認証メカニズムにおける脆弱性 CVE-2022-20773 を発見したのは、Pinnacol Assurance の Fraser Hess である。 122 mots de plus


Hide your privates


My mac had turned into a bit of a mess. I had ssh private keys (that use Passphrases of course!) in a variety of places and I wasn’t very happy about it. 763 mots de plus


Passwordless SSH login for Linux

Passwordless SSH login for Linux

  1. On client (remote server) run: ssh-keygen -t rsa
  2. Then check for id_rsa.pub file

cd /root/.ssh/

ls -l

-rw——- 1 root root 1675 Apr 18 14:14 id_rsa… 93 mots de plus


How to run a python script in the background even after I log out SSH EC2 instance - nohup?

run python script in background in ec2 instance – nohup commnad

When you work with the script on the ec2 instance main challenge for the long-running script is log out to ssh. 59 mots de plus

Get Fail2ban Installed and Configured on Ubuntu Server

I recently threw an old Dell laptop installed with Ubuntu Server into the DMZ of my home router/firewall. And since it is placed in the wild west of public internet now, it surely needs some extra protecion as the port 22 is quite vulnerable to brute force attacks. 261 mots de plus