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Censor Social Media? Hard Power vs. Soft Power.

Should social media be censored by a government in an effort to prevent disaffected citizens from protesting? Discuss.

Social media is still a very new platform that is constantly evolving and changing the way we discuss, debate, see news and entertain ourselves. 1 924 mots de plus

Ways To Bring Sync In Our Pursuits

Life is full of amazing adventures and various needs. With multiple things for us to note and make sure we need to get things involved in the proper pursuits, there is various stuff, we need to be sure about. 722 mots de plus

Talent Attraction

A Black Comedy about American Paranoia in the 50s

The Vixen

By Francine Prose

One doesn’t have to look any further than today to appreciate that paranoia and conspiracies intertwine themselves in American culture. But if one were to cast back to the 20th century, they’d discover two fine examples: the first (1917-1920) and second (1947-1957) Red Scares. 402 mots de plus


Soft power, confirmation bias and illusions of grandeur

The term soft power is common in international relations but hardly familiar in suburbia, where it is easily confused with washing powder. Like one’s washing, soft power can fade. 877 mots de plus

The Long And The Short

Lost in Translation: Japan 'Committing Soft Power Harakiri'! #languageschools #highered

Tokyo: 93% of foreign students who enrolled across 480 Japanese language schools in 2021 have not yet received permission to enter Japan #COVID19 #Japan #japantravelban…

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El dulce sabor de las mentiras

Operación Dulce

Ian McEwan

Alfaguara, México, 2013

Durante la Guerra Fría, los gobiernos de las potencias capitalistas hacían todo lo posible por fomentar un sentimiento antisoviético entre sus gobernados. 258 mots de plus

El Tintero De La Rana

The Nefarious Influence of Islamist Soft Power

Islamist soft power is highly influential in academia where it has become paradigmatic that it is ostensibly intrinsically “Islamophobic” to oppose or even criticize the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism. 279 mots de plus

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